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World Football Lottery Strategy ▸ Eight ways to play lottery betting! How to buy lottery in seconds

World Football Lottery Strategy ▸ Eight ways to play lottery betting
World Football Lottery Strategy ▸ Eight ways to play lottery betting

As long as sports lottery is mentioned recently, the most popular sports lottery betting option is nothing more than the upcoming World Cup! How much do you players know about the World Football Lottery game? Do you know what is the first goal, single-double, and double-win?

Players who haven't figured it out yet, come to this site to make up for it. If you are a novice player, you can't miss this complete introduction to how to play and how to buy lottery games. It will help you get started with World Cup betting quickly!

World Cup lottery betting Detailed introduction to the eight major lottery games

In addition to the basic handicap, no handicaps, and big and small ball games before you start to play the lottery, there are many extended games in the lottery, such as the first ball, single-double, double-win, etc. The following will focus on these games. Introduce them one by one:

▪ First ball (next ball)

This method is to predict whether the first goal will be the away team or the home team after the start of the game.

Taking the early trading of the Qatar World Cup Panda Sports as an example, on 11/21 [Kada V.S Ecuador], the odds of Qatar are 2.35; It is stronger than Qatar, so the odds in Ecuador will be lower than that of Qatar.

▪ Odd and even

Simply put, it is to predict whether the home and away team scores will add up to an "even" or "odd".

At first glance, some players should think that the rate of this bet is 50%, but because football itself is a sports betting item that is difficult to score, the probability of a draw is also high, so, under long-term statistics, the result is "double." " is more likely!

▪ Double win (double chance)

It gives you two chances to bet on the lottery. You can choose two possibilities in the main win, the draw, and the guest win, as long as one of the results you choose wins, but because of this gameplay The chance of winning is as high as 2/3, so the odds are lower than other games, but if you are a beginner, this game is highly recommended for you.

▪ High-scoring half

This gameplay is very easy to understand, you can predict whether the game will have the highest score in the first half or the second half, or bet on a draw.

▪ Whether both teams scored

This game is highly recommended for novice players, just guess if both teams have scored.

However, before playing this lottery game, remember to confirm the status of the strikers of both teams recently. If you are betting on a serious injury to the national striker, it is not recommended to bet on this lottery.

▪ Total goals

The rule is to guess the total score of goals scored by the home and away teams in official matches of the World Football Team, which is generally divided into 0-1 goals, 2-3 goals, and 4 goals (inclusive) or more for betting.

▪ Correct number of goals

This game is very similar to the total number of goals scored in the previous game, but this game needs to be predicted more accurately. Generally, it will be divided into 0 goals, 1 goal, 2 goals, 3 goals, 4 goals, and 5 goals (including the above). These 6 ranges are available for players to choose from, and there will be slight differences according to different betting platforms.

If you are a novice player or do not know enough about the strength of both teams and have many years of lottery experience, it is not recommended to choose; but if you are a lottery veteran who likes high odds and exciting gameplay, this site recommends you try this game, and then make a bet together with the collusion to directly double your earnings!

▪ Half/Full-time results

Predict (first) half-time + full-time match results.

General betting options Home/Home, Home/Away, Home/Tie, Tie/Away, Tie/Tie, Tie/Home, Away/Home, Away/Away There are nine betting options for a win, away win/tie.

How to buy the lottery

The above is the introduction of the 8 World Football lottery games. Of course, each type of game is suitable for different players. Therefore, the World Cup 2022 will organize a comparison table of betting methods and suitable player types for you:

  • Player Type

Conservative players, novice players

  • Betting Items

The first goal, single-double, double-win, high-scoring half, whether both teams scored

  • Experienced, thrill-loving, or high-odds players

Number of correct goals, half/full-time result

(If the player is looking for higher odds, Mixed Links is recommended for you!)

How to buy the lottery
How to buy the lottery

In addition, the odds of these games are very mysterious. If players are not fully sure about the event and dare not bet, they can also use these odds to do lottery analysis!

In addition, I would like to remind all players that since this year's Qatar World Cup overlaps with the five major leagues, and some countries have serious striker injuries, it is not recommended to bet on "whether both teams have scored goals".

If players think these gameplays are very interesting the first World Cup matches of SABA Sports and BTi Sports have already been opened!

In addition, SABA Sports also launched more exciting gameplay, which directly combines the two gameplays into one betting option, allowing you to gain higher odds, and you can also enjoy the fun of colluding in the same event! If there are players who can't wait to challenge, then click the button below to start the game directly↓

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