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Beyond racism! Soccer World Cup: The Myth of Black Players Debunked!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Beyond Racism! World Cup Soccer
Beyond Racism! World Cup Soccer

The issue of bullying in the recent World Cup football has been discussed again. Not long ago, Mbappe received a lot of racist remarks in major cup competitions, but "black people" actually have a place in the 2022 World Cup, especially the last one. World football champion France has 15 black players. Nowadays, black players not only account for an increasing proportion in the World Cup but also play an indispensable role in football.


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  3. Take off your tinted glasses and watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup together


Black Player Myth Debunked Stop Your Stereotypes!

1. Black ≠ African

However, there are still many people who hold the stereotype that blacks are equal to Africans, but this is not the case. As long as players with obvious black skin color are generally classified as "black players", they are players of African orthodox descent. It's not necessarily so black. For example, the World Cup stars Benzema and Azar are of traditional African descent, but their skin color is not the same as the "black skin color" that ordinary people have established. They are not black.

2. Are black players better physically than ordinary people?

Of course, when it comes to black players in the World Cup, many people must first think that their physical fitness must be very good, whether it is athletic ability or flexibility, they should be better than other races of skin color, but this is the truth. ? In fact, this is indeed related to heredity, because, in ancient times, Africa has always been dominated by farming and hunting. Under such circumstances, human beings are also passively forced to do the screening. Over time, the physical quality of black people is generally higher than that of other people. Humans are stronger.

It is also this innate advantage that makes many children from black families put their hopes on sports, hoping that through sports, they can break away from the bottom of the race and leave the slums. Among them, the well-known star Mane of Senegal, and French stars Mbappe and Pogba are all good examples. It is also because of their success that more and more black children are involved in football.

World Cup Black players rise to use their strength to overcome racism

With the addition of more and more black players, the European region of the World Football Team has also begun to introduce these players, except that black players were cheap in the early days, and they played to a certain level. But with the rapid development of the football market, these players are no longer immature, and their salaries are increasing day by day, even setting a record for the highest transfer fee. Therefore, the club has also started to cultivate young players. As long as 1% of them stand out, it is a more successful investment for the club.

World Cup Black players on the rise
World Cup Black players on the rise

It is a pity that many people think that black people have poor self-discipline and autonomy. In addition, those black players who had been favored earlier years ago left the team sadly because of this problem. As a result, most black players are now attacking players. There aren't many midfielders. It is for the above-mentioned reasons that there are more and more black players in many clubs or the World Football National Team. Real Madrid and the French national team have many powerful black players, and they also play important roles in their teams.

Take off your tinted glasses and watch the 2022 FIFA World Cup together

But having said that, anti-bullying, the elimination of racial discrimination, etc. are emphasized today, but they still exist in society, and the human rights issue of blacks is also a major issue that has plagued football for a long time. For example, the Argentine national team has almost no black players. Due to historical reasons, Argentina does not have the inheritance of black ancestry like France itself. Most of them are of European descent. It is not easy for black descendants to enter the Argentine national team.

Judging from the current situation, the proportion of black players in the future will be higher and higher, and there will be many strong players. It is right to accept all skin colors with an equal heart and watch the 2022 World Football Championship without any color. Respect these players!

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