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World Cup Soccer Where do the stars get paid? Five soccer clubs funding sources?

World Cup Soccer Where do the stars get paid?
World Cup Soccer Where do the stars get paid?

The World Cup is a football event held every four years. Usually, when it is not a World Cup year, both football players and fans focus more on football club-related events. This year, the world football star Mbappe renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain at a super high price, which made many wonders why these clubs could spend such a large sum of money to sign these world football stars. These super high annual salaries are from where?


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Five sources of income for football clubs

  1. Game ticket revenue

  2. Sponsor

  3. Jerseys for sale

  4. Broadcast rights

  5. Transfer market (World Cup national teams do not have this source of income)

Summary of income sources for football clubs


Five sources of income for football clubs

• Game ticket revenue

Whenever a large-scale game such as the World Cup is held, the most practical expenditures for fans to buy tickets and buy food during the game are often very direct sources of income for football clubs.

Just as the World Cup will have fans from all over the world buying tickets to watch the game, Qatar, as the host country of the 2022 World Cup, can earn income through special alcohol sales.

Among them, the English Football League (Premier League) is particularly so. Clubs belonging to the Premier League can even earn as much as 100 million pounds a game in some games.

Many events have brought advantages and disadvantages at the same time. The problem of overwork of professional football players has always existed, but it is difficult to solve it because of the huge benefits after being caught. When FIFA hopes that the football World Cup will be changed to a biennial event, the football club competition will be severely compressed, and finally, it will be rejected.

• Sponsor

Just like the many sponsor logos that can be seen on the World Cup football field, we can often see sponsor logos on the stadiums or team uniforms of various football clubs. These sponsors spend a lot of money every year. The banknotes are thrown into clubs in exchange for greater exposure.

It is worth mentioning that the English Football League has promoted the withdrawal of the gaming industry from sports events in recent years, which has affected the lottery sponsors of many English clubs.

• Jerseys for sale

According to statistics, the jersey revenue of most clubs accounts for 7.5~10% of the total revenue.

Many fanatical fans will order new jerseys as soon as the football club announces the new season every year, not just new jerseys, to support their favorite players, many fans will choose to buy jerseys, so the club is signing some world-class stars. It often drives overall revenue, especially for well-known stars such as Ronaldo, Messi, and Mbappe.

Not only clubs but also football associations in many countries can also rely on jersey sales to increase their operating funds. For example, the World Football Team Argentina will prepare at least 650 Messi jerseys for sale or gift every time an international match occurs.

Jerseys for sale - World Cup Soccer
Jerseys for sale - World Cup Soccer
• Broadcast rights

When it is not during the World Cup, many fans focus on the football clubs and their league-related events. Just like during the World Cup, there will be broadcasts of the World Cup, and these leagues will also have broadcasts, and rely on this to generate revenue, and As the sport of football gets more attention in the world, the better the broadcast rights will be.

• Transfer market (World Cup national teams do not have this source of income)

According to reports, the transfer fees of these top players are the most obvious in the flow of club funds. The highest transfer fee record in the past ten years has risen from 50 million pounds to 200 million pounds. Some clubs face financial crises and choose to sell some players and invest in projects that can make money.

Of course, the club that signs players are not just a simple expenditure, more often it is more like an investment. For Paris Saint-Germain, which currently has the big three in annual salary, because the club has the Qatar Royal Family as its major shareholder, They can buy players with very considerable funds, and these players can bring great peripheral benefits to Paris, adding a lot of revenue to the club every game.

Summary of income sources for football clubs

The above five items are the main source of income for football clubs, but not all football clubs can make money. Many clubs in the world can hardly even make ends meet, let alone make money. Profits and losses are even more common.

Not only private football clubs, but also football associations affiliated with public entities. There are as many as 211 countries or regions in FIFA, but 133 of them have never participated in the World Cup. These football associations must not be like Brazil, Germany, and Spain. Football traditional strong teams have normal income (such as the first four points of the above five reasons). Football associations in non-football countries usually rely on subsidies from the state to operate. It is no wonder that FIFA previously considered changing the World Football Championship to A biennial event in hopes to give football associations around the world more opportunities to participate in major international events.

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