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Qatar proposes a schedule change! Will the 2022 World Cup opening match be rescheduled?

Qatar proposes schedule change
Qatar proposes schedule change

According to the convention starting from the 2006 World Cup, the host country will play the opening match of the World Cup. However, due to the general belief that the host country Qatar, and its opponent Ecuador in the first match are weaker, there are no star players on both sides, and the game will not be played. It was not a holiday on that day, worrying that it would affect the ratings, so the opening match of the World Football Team 2022 was adjusted to Senegal vs.

But with the revelation of foreign media recently, this decision seems to be released. Will the World Cup schedule be changed again?

Qatar wants to maintain the opening tradition of the World Football Championship, how should the competition be adjusted?

According to foreign media sources such as The Athletic UK, Ledevoir, etc., Qatar proposed to FIFA that it hopes to maintain the tradition of the opening game by the host, so he hopes to advance the [Qada vs Ecuador] game to the front. The competition starts on 11/20 (Sun) of the day, and the total time of the World Football Championship is increased from 28 days to 29 days.

However, the original Qatar match was not only not the opener, but even the third game after the start of the entire World Football Championship in 2022. Senegal vs the Netherlands (starting at 17:50 on 11/21) and England vs Iran (the same day's match) Starting at 20:50), the horn of the World Football Championship will be sounded first. If it is determined that the host Qatar will start the event again, it must be coordinated with Senegal and the Netherlands, and the matches in England and Iran will not be due to different World Cup groups. Affected.

According to sources, a consensus has been reached with Senegal and the Netherlands, and there is a high probability that the World Cup schedule will be changed, with Qatar vs Ecuador as the kickoff of the 2022 World Cup on November 20, while Senegal vs the Netherlands is postponed 6 hours to start the race.

What makes people more puzzling is that Qatar and Ecuador have fewer star players, and more fans may choose to watch the game between Senegal and the Netherlands, which are more powerful and famous for their players. I don’t know why FIFA said temporarily. Change and change.

However, FIFA has not yet announced the exact news, please lock this site【LUCKY11 World Football Championship】, we will bring you the latest World Cup schedule!

Can Ecuador break the host World Cup ironclad?

Many people care whether the iron law of the World Cup "the host is unbeaten in the first game" will be broken.

As mentioned in the previous World Football Analysis article, Ecuador had too much advantage in the World Preliminaries but lost its advantage in Qatar's local competition. Although Qatar is a rookie in the World Cup, the team has been growing in strength in recent years. There are many naturalized players in the team, and they have won the Asian Cup before. Fighting at home in this campaign will boost morale, so winning Ecuador is also a success. maybe.

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