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What is the difference between European and American odds? World Cup odds analysis!

What is the difference between European and American odds
What is the difference between European and American odds

In this era of information explosion, the difficulty of players wanting to know sports betting information has gradually decreased, but it has caused many lottery beginners to face embarrassment. Odds, American Odds. If you want to play World Cup betting in the Qatar World Football Championship, it is indispensable to know the prediction of the World Football Odds. It is a must to understand the various odds of the football lottery strategy. After reading this article, you will understand the sports lottery analysis in seconds. Unhindered!


Three Mainstream Lottery Odds Beginners must learn!

Whether you enter the football lottery betting page or just want to read the lottery strategy article, you will see the "odds", which can let you know the winnings you can get after betting through calculations.

Under normal circumstances, the team with higher odds of winning will have lower odds, and vice versa.

There are three main types of odds: European odds, British odds, and American odds.

Football Lottery European Odds

Because the display method is a number with a decimal point, it is also called "decimal odds". It is the most mainstream odds in Europe and is currently used all over the world.

The most common odds in the Indian football lottery are European-style odds, whether it is the Indian sports lottery or the three sports competition platforms in LUCKY11 entertainment city - SBOBET sports, SABA sports, BTI sports, all use this kind of odds.

The odds number represents the multiple of the bet that can be obtained

For example World Cup group match [Spain v.s Germany] 1:1 odds are 5.620 if the bet is 1000 yuan.

The final result is 1:1, you can get 5.620×1000=5620 yuan.

Some people will also use "1 divided by European odds" to roughly represent the winning rate

Example: 1.7 odds, 58% win rate

However, this algorithm cannot accurately express the winning rate, because most football lottery uses the handicap game to balance the score of the strong and weak teams.

Soccer Lottery British Odds

Also known as fractional odds and traditional odds, it is the main odds used in the UK and Ireland, but because European odds have become mainstream, their use is gradually decreasing, but we can still see this on some sports betting sites. kind of odds.

The first number of the score represents the amount of money you can make if you get it right, and the second number is the amount bet.

For example 5/1=Betting 1 yuan, the net profit is 5 yuan.

Football Lottery American Odds

Odds that are currently popular in the United States. The numbers displayed may be + or - (plus or minus), and the numbers indicate how much profit you can make if you bet $100.

For example, the odds of Brazil winning the 2022 World Cup are +450. If you bet 100, you can get a profit of 450 yuan.

World Football Lottery comes to LUCKY11 Casino, a variety of odds are waiting for you to choose

The root of the odds is to predict the outcome of the game. Although they are divided into several types, they are all derived from similar algorithms. Take the popular European odds in Taiwan as an example: A÷B-C×10%= odds result

A is the base of the percentage (100)

B is the percentage rate obtained by the lottery company after the evaluation

C is A ÷ result

Assuming that the lottery company believes that a team has a 65% chance of winning, enter the formula to calculate:

The odds are 100÷65-1.5×10%=1.35

As a player, when you are in the World Cup, you must pay attention to the fact that the odds are presented after adjustment by the lottery company. A big factor is to conform to the views of most people. To the championship, in most odds, it is still the most likely team to become a World Cup winner.

If you only look at the odds offered by one lottery company, it is easy to have deviations, so be sure to compare several lottery platforms when playing the lottery. LUCKY11 Casino has 3 major lottery platforms for you to compare with each other. , picking the most beautiful lottery odds is also the player's homework.

World Football Lottery comes to LUCKY11 Casino, a variety of odds are waiting for you to choose
World Football Lottery comes to LUCKY11 Casino, a variety of odds are waiting for you to choose

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