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World Cup News∥UK bans fans from leaving, FIFA ranking update!

World Cup News
World Cup News

The 2022 World Cup is approaching, and there is only one month left to start the tournament. World football-related matters are constantly being staged. The English government banned some fans from going to Qatar to watch the world football match, FIFA announced the latest football rankings, and the Qatari landlord asked the tenants to move out to make money... The total incident revolves around the World Cup. Are you ready for the World Cup? Watch World Football News and welcome this quadrennial event with World Football 2022!

UK bans 1,308 fans from World Cup

England and Wales in Group B of the 2022 World Cup successfully qualified for the World Cup group stage. As the birthplace of modern football, the United Kingdom is inevitably a crazy world football.

Given that there were many fans in the Premier League (English Premier League) last season causing trouble in the stadium, there were even exaggerated acts of setting off smoke bombs and pyrotechnics in the stadium. To prevent these excessive fanatic fans from making trouble again when they go abroad and destroying the joy of the World Cup, the British government banned 1,308 fans with a history of stadium violence from going out to Qatar to watch the game and warned that violators would face legal punishment.

Preventing soccer hooligans Kada has its tricks

Fighting football hooligans is everyone's responsibility. Although the British government strictly prohibits some extreme fans from leaving the country, it does not mean that these troublemakers can be eradicated. According to statistics, Qatar will have to face about 1.5 million fans when the World Football Championship starts, and some of them are bound to be. Rat shit wants to spoil the quadrennial event, and faced with the fact that there are many foreign tourists, Qatar is seriously understaffed.

To prevent bad football hooligans, Qatar first set up tens of thousands of monitors in China and entrusted relevant units in other countries to come to protect the safety of fans. It is a pity that the Spanish government refused to send riot police to protect the law and order. The reasons and relevant details have not been added.

Turkey agreed to send 3,000 riot police, 1,000 special police, 50 explosion-proof personnel, and 80 police dogs to Qatar to maintain law and order during the World Cup. Coupled with the garrison force from Pakistan, I believe it will be able to prevent football hooligans from endangering the safety of the stadium.

The last update before the World Cup FIFA ranking to see the strength of the game

This FIFA ranking is the last update before the start of the World Cup, which can be used to make further speculation and analysis of the event.

The most interesting thing about this ranking update is that the World Cup B group is the group closest to the death group. Except for England, the other three teams are ranked around #20. It is difficult to directly judge who can become the second in the World Cup group stage. Successfully qualified for the round of 16.

Group A Qatar-50 48▾2 Netherlands-8 6▾2 Senegal-18 20▴2 Ecuador-44 44▸

Group B England-5 5▸ USA-16 15▾1 Wales-19 18▾1 Iran-20 22▴2

Group C Argentina-3 4▴1 Mexico-13 12▾1 Poland-26 26▸ Saudi Arabia-51 53▴2

Group D France-4 3▾1 Denmark-10 11▴1 Tunisia-30 30▸ Australia-38 39▴1

Group E Spain-7 7▸ Germany-11 12▴1 Japan-24 24▸ Costa Rica-31 34▴3

Group F Belgium-2 2▸ Croatia-12 15▴3 Morocco-22 23▴1 Canada-41 43▴2

Group G Brazil-1 1▸ Switzerland-15 14▾1 Serbia-21 25▴4 Cameroon-43 38▾5

Group H Portugal-9 8▾1 Uruguay-14 13▾1 South Korea-28 28▸ Ghana-61 60▾1

Unscrupulous Qatari landlord evicts tenants to make money from World Cup

All walks of life saw the huge business opportunities of the World Football Championship and launched various products. For example, the Argentina airline company launched a special plane for the World Football Championship. As the host country, Qatar is full of opportunities to make money everywhere. Thousands of people are preparing to enter Qatar, which makes the domestic accommodation industry wait for the last time. However, because of this business opportunity, the landlords in Qatar take the opportunity to increase the rent and even increase the rent. Tenants are being kicked out of their premises simply because the landlord wants to make more profit during the World Cup.

Argentina's Airline Launches World Cup Special Plane
Argentina's Airline Launches World Cup Special Plane

.Fortunately, most of the World Football fans in India will not go to the local area to watch the game. They don't have to worry about not seeing any World Football broadcasts during their stay in Qatar, nor do they have to worry about the intrusion of football hooligans and the many restrictions from Qatar. , want to drink, eat at home, and bet on the field while watching the game, everything can be quite casual!

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