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【World Cup Group Stage】Argentina is super popular! Do European fans lack interest in the World Cup?

【World Cup Group Stage】Argentina Super Popular
【World Cup Group Stage】Argentina Super Popular

With the footsteps of the World Cup approaching, fans all over the world are very much looking forward to this feast.

Recently, FIFA announced the results of the latest World Cup ticket sales round and received up to 23.5 million applications for 2022 World Cup tickets. Among the most popular events, the first place is undoubtedly the much-anticipated World Cup final, and the most popular in the World Cup group stage is Argentina, and the number of tickets purchased shows the lack of interest of European fans. People were surprised.


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  1. FIFA announces ticketing statistics for World Cup group stage matches in Argentina

  2. Ticket purchases in Europe are not good, fans are not interested in the World Cup?


FIFA announces ticketing statistics for World Cup group stage matches in Argentina

According to the ticket purchase statistics of the World Cup, five games are particularly popular, and the most popular is not surprisingly the World Football Championship. Among the other four popular games, three are all group games of the Argentine national team, and the remaining one is the most popular. The match is England vs the USA. Although not on the list, the football superstar Ronaldo vs. Son Heung-min, the first Asian brother, is also very popular.

The Argentine national team was assigned to Group C of the World Cup. Judging from Argentina's past achievements, it may not be surprising that their game tickets have high popularity, and with the blessing of the reputation of "King Messi", it is nothing new that they are loved by a large number of fans.

World Cup group stage favorites in Argentina
World Cup group stage favorites in Argentina

Although Argentina is a traditional football power, it has never been a bright spot in the World Cup in modern times. Argentina will face all three of the World Cup group matches, including the disparate strength against Saudi Arabia. The game with the gap should not be so popular, so many fans were puzzled by the ticket purchase list and joked that it was only open to Argentine fans to purchase tickets.

Ticket purchases in Europe are not good, fans are not interested in the World Cup?

Soon after, FIFA further published the ticket purchase status, which revealed the astonishing fact that only 1,200 people in Belgium applied for tickets. You must know that 20,000 people bought tickets when Euro 2020 was the first stage of ticket purchase. The most popular World Football Championships seem to be very few, not only in Belgium, but the entire European circle where football is popular should have great interest in the 2022 World Cup, but the current number of ticket buyers is not as good as before, and fans from all walks of life are lacking in interest.

Poor ticket purchases in Europe
Poor ticket purchases in Europe
The media speculates that the 2022 World Cup is difficult to attract European football fans for the following reasons:

• Human rights disputes in Qatar

• Restrictions on alcohol consumption and "one-night stands"

• Qatar flights and hotels are expensive

1. Qatar's human rights controversy is too big! World football players protest

The first is the issue of human rights. European countries are very concerned about the labor disputes and women's rights caused by Qatar's construction of the World Cup stadium. These issues are occasionally protested by European fans and even national team players, so fans are reluctant to It's normal to go to a game.

2. Qatar restricts drinking, "one-night stands" cultural differences are too great

Because Qatar is an Islamic country, according to its teachings, it is forbidden for believers to drink alcohol. Although this time, a drinking area has been specially set up for fans of different religions overseas to enjoy together, the expensive alcoholic drinks are still a big problem.

It is also a cultural gap. Qatar does not accept non-marital relationships between men and women to have sex. There are even media reports that fans with different surnames are prohibited from staying in the same room, and Qatar does not welcome the existence of same-sex couples, even regardless of gender. Public expressions of love are far from European culture, with many fans worried about whether they will be able to return home safely after the game due to the frequent one-night stands with many English players.

3. Flying from Europe to Qatar to watch the World Cup is too expensive

Finally, the high cost of air tickets and accommodation in local hotels for European fans to travel to Qatar also troubled the fans, at least 3,500 euros (about 100,000 Taiwan dollars). The above problems have seriously affected European fans visiting Qatar. In addition to the 2022 World Cup, there are more realistic economic problems. The total problem of zero and zero has deterred European fans. Compared with European competitions, it is natural that Argentine fans are more enthusiastic about the game.

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