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World Cup Group H Analysis | The most popular World Football in 2022!

Analysis of the World Cup Group H
Analysis of the World Cup Group H

The World Cup is about to start. The most talked about group stage of the 2022 World Cup, the top 32 Group H, except for Portugal's Ronaldo and Uruguay's Suarez's farewell battle, has attracted much attention; the most attractive are South Korea and Uruguay. The black whistle incident in Portugal and Uruguay in the 2010 World Football Championship made Ghana miss the opportunity by illegal means. Just look at the analysis of the 2022 World Cup, who will enter the top 16 of the World Cup?

The teams in Group H this time are Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana, and Portugal.
The teams in Group H this time are Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana, and Portugal.
The teams in Group H this time are Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana, and Portugal.

This Group H battle can be said to be the most anticipated event outside of the "Death Group", right? In the World Cup Elda Live, almost all events from the beginning to the end of the World Cup are on the recommended list, except for the teams with similar strengths, In addition, it also includes the century disputes between countries, no doubt everyone wants to see some wonderful sparks in the World Football Championship!

2022 FIFA World Cup Portugal can only rely on unstable Ronaldo?

Portugal's national team has been doing well in Europe's top five leagues, but there have been many problems trying to snatch up tickets to the World Cup. Let's first look at Portugal, the most likely to win the World Cup group stage but also the most dangerous in Group H!

The Portuguese national team's strong player Cristiano Ronaldo is now approaching his retirement age. The situation is becoming more and more unstable, as well as problems in the integration of the team. In the previous World Cup play-offs, Cristiano Ronaldo shot five times but all of them failed. The lack of scoring, coupled with the lack of tacit understanding of the team, could not assist in scoring, but fortunately, in the end, he successfully scored and advanced to the World Football Championship. player.

And this time Portugal met Uruguay, its rival in the previous session. Uruguay stopped Portugal in the last 16 of the World Cup in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Based on the current historical data, Uruguay has never lost any matches against Portugal. If Cristiano Ronaldo's unstable state cooperates with the team, it is obvious that we have to work harder to change history.

2022 FIFA World Cup Portugal can only rely on unstable Cristiano Ronaldo
2022 FIFA World Cup Portugal can only rely on unstable Cristiano Ronaldo
World Cup 2022 South Korea vs Portugal: A Match of Hate

This will be brought to the 2002 World Cup when South Korea played against Portugal. Portugal was sent off two players by the black whistle incident, which made Portugal hate it to this day. And South Korea's hatred of Portugal, also because of Ronaldo's unfriendly behavior during Juventus's Asian tour in 2019, also caused South Korea to bury his disgust for Ronaldo. Given the unfriendly relationship between the two countries, this battle is fully watchable.

Although South Korea's current strength, promotion is not easy. However, for the 2022 World Cup, South Korea is also doing its best to hold a series of friendly matches against South Korea. The opponent is Brazil, the world power in football. Although this time the South Korean national team is led by the first Asian Golden Boot winner, Son Heung-min. With the actual combat experience between the strong players and the World Cup Brazil, South Korea has to face the strong South American teams of Uruguay and Portugal in the H group stage of the World Cup, so it is obvious that they need to work harder!

Ghana humiliates World Cup against legendary history – Uruguay

Uruguay can be said to be the country with the longest history of football, and its strength is quite amazing. Uruguay is currently the country with the most championships at the continental level and above, but because of its poor performance in Copa America in recent years, it has received little attention. But this year is also the last time that Uruguay Suarez and two other veterans will lead the game. This 2022 World Football Farewell Battle, I don’t know what kind of exciting game it will bring us.

Although Ghana's football strength is not as strong as Uruguay's, this time it is also full of revenge and determination to fight. As early as the 2010 World Cup, Ghana missed the opportunity to enter the top 4 of the World Cup due to the "Hand of God" of Uruguay star Suarez, and compared to Uruguay's gradually weakening strength, Ghana's team appeared Young and energetic, although the football world ranking is not as good as Uruguay, the Ghana national football team in the Qatar World Cup this time can also be said to have brought a lot of pressure to Uruguay.

Looking at the analysis, although the situation of Portugal C Ronaldo is unknown, Portugal is still better than other opponents in the current world football ranking, and it is also one of the most popular countries to win the world football championship. If Portugal plays with normal strength, there is still a very good chance to win the World Cup. Group stage and win the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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