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World Cup Group B Analysis " Who will make the round of 16?

World Cup Group B Analysis
World Cup Group B Analysis

The World Football Championship, a major football event held every four years, is about to debut. The top 32 group B of the World Football Championship can be said to be a topical group. Apart from seeing the United Kingdom, the World Football Team, England and Wales, and the feuding United States Iran faced each other again, Wells also returned to the World Cup home after 64 years, and Iran has been in constant turmoil recently.

What kind of sparks will the World Cup Group B group play out? In this article, the analysis of the world football team will reveal for you——

An introduction to the analysis of team B in the World Cup group stage

Many fans' impression of Group B in the World Cup group stage and the biggest reason for watching it is nothing more than the smell of gunpowder brought by the political struggles between the teams and countries! But in fact, they are not only eye-catching because of the confrontation between the countries. The strength of the four countries can also spark a lot of sparks. Some people even said that they are the second death group this year. As for the strength of their teams? The following will introduce you immediately:

Can Three Lions England bring football home?

When it comes to football power, England must be indispensable, but, in the early days of England, due to the successive abdication of the main players, England almost collapsed. Fortunately, under the leadership of Southgate, English football slowly recovered. This year’s World Cup qualifying matches They also advanced to the group stage with an 8-2-0 defeat.

However, due to the relationship between the five major leagues and the World Cup season, many players have reported injuries one after another. The upcoming Qatar World Cup is nothing but a hard injury, and the overall strength will be affected. Under such circumstances, it also makes the outside world guess. Whether they can easily qualify for the World Cup group stage and take the football home.

Sports power U.S., but the World Cup results are far from satisfactory

The United States is a powerhouse in many sports, but its performance in the World Football Championship is mediocre. When it comes to the best event records, we have to go back to 1930. The biggest reason is that most people in the United States are concerned about offense and defense strategies and long-term sports. Love highly exciting sports events such as basketball, baseball, etc.

However, since 1994, the United States began to formulate a series of football development plans, signed many well-known stars, and with Klinsmann's leadership, the team has changed from the original conservative style to a more aggressive style. The current team is also Composed of a group of young new blood, this year's World Cup is also ranked third in the group. With a certain strength in the world football team, there is still a certain chance of winning, but it is necessary to be cautious of other teams.

Wales' return to the World Cup after a 64-year hiatus is all about luck?

Wells, who qualified for the World Cup with their own goal, is not lucky. This own goal is Wells' tactic, not a coincidence, so Wells can enter the World Cup 64 years later. on its strength.

In the past, the Welsh World Football Team relied on England for a long time, and many potential players chose to represent England. It was only in recent years that a complete youth training system was established to tap potential talents in the bureau, and the Welsh national team was growing day by day. In this year's World Cup qualifying match, they fought to the World Cup play-offs, eliminating Austria and Ukraine respectively. Although it is not easy to advance to the top 32 of the World Cup with Wales' strength, it is not without a chance.

Wales' return to the World Cup after a 64-year hiatus is all about luck
Wales' return to the World Cup after a 64-year hiatus is all about luck
Iran's internal worries are greater than external problems, and the strength of the World Football Championship may be affected

Iran is also the most turbulent group in the current group. Due to the hijab revolution triggered by the death of Amini, the country is currently in a state of turmoil, and some outside countries have voiced requests to disqualify Iran from participating in the competition, thinking that such countries are not eligible to participate in the World Football Championships. , many players also came forward to speak out for these women who have been treated differently, but they were threatened or covered up by the government; even Ukraine also waded in this muddy water, saying that Iran made weapons for Russia and indirectly became an accomplice in the war.

It is also for the above reasons that the overall situation in Iran is not clear at present, which has invisibly affected the development of local football. Although Iran has always been an Asian power in world football, it has also qualified for the World Cup three consecutive times. The physical confrontation is even more particular, but unfortunately, the technical aspect is relatively rough, coupled with the current turbulent situation in Iran, it has naturally caused a lot of impact on the team. The original effort may also be able to spell it out in Group B. There are opportunities, but now the situation may be difficult.

Preliminary analysis of the first look at the World Cup Group B World Cup!

The above is the analysis of Group B of the World Cup group stage and the introduction of each team. The biggest highlight of this group is nothing more than the smell of gunpowder brought by the four teams due to their political positions. For the fight, the following first brings you the preliminary odds of winning the World Cup from Group B in SABA Sports:

(The following are European odds)

England » 8.80

Wells » 161

United States » 161

Iran » 601

According to the above information, it is not difficult to see the difference between England and the other three teams. It is no surprise that England should be able to qualify early, but the situation of Iran, which is also in this group, is not clear. Wells may add a few more chances to win, but in terms of the current situation, Iran is really bad. On the contrary, although Wells returned to the World Cup after many years of absence, the state of the Wells national team is not as good as in previous years. It is much better than that, and there is still a certain chance to compete with the United States for the chance of qualifying!

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