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World Cup Group A Aspect Analysis | Four unmissable topic players!

Four unmissable topic players!
Four unmissable topics players!

The quadrennial football World Cup will start in less than 100 days! How much do you know about Group A from Qatar, the host country this time? Do you know which popular stars are gathered in Group A of the World Cup Group Stage? Therefore, this article will give a brief introduction to the Netherlands, Qatar, Ecuador, and Senegal national teams themselves and their popular players in the top 32 of the World Football Championship.

Host country Qatar participates in the World Cup for the first time, can it have a chance to enter the round of 16?

Qatar, which was the first to organize the World Cup football match, also advanced to the in-game competition for the first time this year. Most people are not too optimistic about Qatar, but in fact, Qatar defeated Japan in the 2019 Asian Cup and won the championship at that time. In addition, Qatar, which is the host country this year, will have a home-field advantage. It is a pity that their national team has too little actual combat experience. It is still not easy to win, but other world football national teams that are also in Group A Still can't take it lightly, you have to be careful.

Host country Qatar takes part in World Cup for the first time
Host country Qatar takes part in World Cup for the first time
Introduction of popular Qatar players ▸ Sebastian. Soria

A big feature of the Qatar national team is that there are a certain proportion of naturalized players, Uruguayan Sebastian. Soria is the Qatari player to be introduced this time.

As the starting striker of Qatar, he not only scored goals for Qatar many times but also was the only player in Qatar to score in the 2007 Asian Cup. He is one of the important players in Qatar. Unfortunately, he is currently 38 years old. The time to retire from football is not far away, so we must take a good grasp of this World Cup and see how he plays!

Can the plateau killer Ecuador overcome the desert climate to become a desert killer?

Many fans should be impressed by Ecuador this year! Because they only had trouble with the player country and turmoil recently, the member Bayern Castillo, who was accused of participating in the eight World Cup qualifying matches together, is not Ecuadorian. Although this accusation was finally dismissed by FIFA, it also caused controversy. Less turmoil.

When it comes to Ecuador, the first thing that comes to mind should be their plateau advantage. Even if their strength in world football is indeed not comparable to those of those football powerhouses, with the plateau at 2,800 meters high, they often win the game. It’s a pity What's more, the top 32 of the World Cup will be held in Qatar in the desert climate, and it is more important for them to adapt to the home field of the World Cup.

Plateau killer Ecuador can overcome desert climate
Plateau killer Ecuador can overcome desert climate
Ecuador World Cup Football Star Introduction ▸ Antonio. Valencia

Although there was a lot of fuss about the nationality of the players in Ecuador, there are still many excellent players, among which Valencia is particularly worth mentioning. He runs very fast and is an excellent winger on the field. In the 2019/10 season, he won the Premier League's best player award, but he and Qatar's Sebastian. Like Soria, the day of retirement is not far away. If you don't know who he is, you really can't miss this World Cup football match if you want to see him play!

African powerhouse Senegal competes for World Cup Group A second qualifying

Senegal, which is a strong team in the African region of the World Football Team and ranked first in Africa, although there was a laser pen interference incident in this World Cup qualifying match, their team almost faced a rematch, but in the end, FIFA ended up with a penalty and a closed-door game. final punishment. But everyone, don't forget that Senegal still has a certain strength in world football. This time Senegal is a great candidate for second place in group A, and it is an opponent that cannot be ignored in this group.

African powerhouse Senegal to compete for World Cup Group A
African powerhouse Senegal to compete for World Cup Group A
Senegal World Cup Football Star Introduction ▸ Sadio. Mane

The name Mane should often be seen on the football page this year! He is a topical star who just moved to Bayern this summer. When facing Egypt's 12-yard game in this year's African qualifying round, he scored the team and helped the team break into the 2022 World Cup. At the same time, He was also selected as this year's African Footballer of the Year, making the outside world curious about what kind of performance he will bring to this year's World Cup.

The Netherlands injected new blood to readjust the team and is expected to get rid of the title of uncrowned king.

Finally, the Netherlands national team to be introduced is also the most promising World Football team in Group A of the top 32 in this World Cup. The Netherlands' performance in the world football team has always been not too bad. The champion is always one step away, even being crowned the uncrowned king. In addition, the team has encountered the problem of missing players. Fortunately, much new blood has joined this World Cup, which has made the overall state much better. It also made everyone curious about their performance this year.

The Netherlands injects new blood and readjusts the team
The Netherlands injects new blood and readjusts the team
Introduction of Dutch rising star ▸ Frankie. De Jong

De Jong is a new generation star in the Netherlands. He has extraordinary strength and was once the most difficult opponent for French striker Griezmann because the ball under his feet is really difficult to steal. In the UEFA Nations League in 2019, he was named the best youth player. It can be said that he has a bright future. Although he just made his debut in the last World Cup, the current World Cup record is not many, but he has Such a powerful new star that has made the fans hope to win the championship again for the Netherlands.

The above are the strengths and player analysis for the World Cup Group A. If you are also interested in other national teams in other groups, please click【LUCKY11 2022 World Football Prediction Analysis】to see more related analyses!

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