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World Cup Group A Holland's key battle to qualify ▸ World Football Group Stage Team Analysis

World Cup Group A: Netherlands advance to key battle
World Cup Group A: Netherlands advance to key battle

To meet the upcoming World Cup, the 32 teams that will participate in the World Cup group stage have started to prepare one after another. Not only the players and coaches who will compete for the top 16 of the World Cup are very concerned about their opponents in the same group, but also our team. Football World Cup fans are also very nervous, fearing that the team they support will not be able to stand out from the top 32 in the World Football Championship and say goodbye to World Football 2022. Today, let's discuss the World Football Group A.

World Cup Group A is Qatar, Netherlands, Senegal, and Ecuador.
World Cup Group A is Qatar, Netherlands, Senegal, and Ecuador.
World Cup Group A is Qatar, Netherlands, Senegal, and Ecuador.

Compared with other World Football Teams, Group A has a larger gap in strength, and it can be said that it is the group farthest from the term "death team".

The World Cup live broadcasts Elda made are recommended to watch only [Senegal VS Netherlands (2022 World Cup opening match)] and [Netherlands VS Ecuador]. Some groups are even recommended for almost all events. Only The A group of the two groups appears to be very small.

Netherlands World Cup against African powers

We can find that the common point of the recommended events is "Netherlands", so let's start with the Netherlands!

The Netherlands has always been vacant in strength and no luck in the past so it has never won the World Football Championship. In the 2018 World Cup, due to the shortage of personnel, they were finally eliminated tragically, and they were not even able to participate in the World Cup group stage. Now on the contrary, not only did the famous coach Louis van Gaal be called back to the head coach to solve the problem of the team, he won 7 wins, 2 and 1 defeat in the European preliminaries, and he did not see the slightest in the face of Turkey, which was not as strong as the world. past failures. In addition, the World Cup group stage lottery is also super good. The Netherlands can even be said to stand out from the group. It is not difficult to press the other group.

Dutch World Cup against African powers
Dutch World Cup against African powers

The Senegal VS Netherlands in the opening match of the 2022 World Cup is arguably the most worth-watching match in Group A.

In addition to the Netherlands, the most promising group in Group A must be Senegal. Although the record in the World Cup is not rich so far, its performance in the African Cup of Nations in recent years has been very bright. Aside from the controversial behavior, it won the World Cup after beating Egypt. Many people think it is very reasonable when it comes to qualifying for the in-game tournament.

Compared with Egypt's thriving, Senegal has many players in Europe, such as Sadio Mane as the forward, Kalidou Kolibaly as the defender, etc. There are many famous players worth talking about, and after the last World Cup, After the football match ended in the World Cup group stage, its ability gradually matured. As the No. 1 in Africa, Senegal has become a strong team whose strength cannot be underestimated

Ecuador puts aside World Cup nationality issue to fight Netherlands

Ecuador had previously caused an uproar because of the nationality of the players and finally decided to retain the World Cup qualification. In addition, it is difficult to comment on Ecuador. Ecuador has the title of "Highland Killer". Due to the large advantage of the landlords in the World Preliminaries, Ecuador can sometimes qualify for the World Football Championship, most of which only end in In the group stage, the results in the Copa America were also mediocre. There were few players in the five major league clubs, and it was impossible to discuss.

Although Qatar is in the first grade, this grade is obtained because of the host country, which does not match the actual strength. Whether it is FIFA ranking or experience in major events, it is not as good as other teams in the World Football Group.

However, the team itself is of course not comparable to the fish belly team. Qatar, which has many naturalized players on the team, has won the Asian Cup before and can be called the first in Asia in a sense. The country's biggest advantage - being a landlord, can spend more time practicing on the World Football Stadium than other teams, and there is no need to adapt to the climate. The combination of various factors may put pressure on the Netherlands, which is the top favorite in the group. Do not order.

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