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World Cup fans must see it! World Cup 2022 pre-game highlights!

2022 FIFA World Cup pre-match highlights
2022 FIFA World Cup pre-match highlights

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will kick off on November 20, local time in Qatar. The first World Cup to be held in a Middle Eastern country is the first World Cup to be held in winter. For various reasons, news topics continue to expand.

This time, many superstars like Messi and Ronaldo may participate in the World Cup for the last time. Which team has the best chance to win the World Football Championship? Fans, don't miss the highlights of the Qatar World Cup organized for you this time!

2022 FIFA World Cup Must-See Events

November 20th 00:00 Qatar VS Ecuador (11/20 21:00 India Time)

For the first opening game of the World Cup, Qatar is the only rookie this time, and it is very exciting to see what kind of performance he will have.

2022 FIFA World Cup Must-See Events
2022 FIFA World Cup Must-See Events

11/22 22:00 France VS Australia (11/23 00:00 India Time)

France is one of the favorites to win the championship this time, and Australia has performed well recently. Is it possible for Australia to win the victory?

November 27th 22:00 Spain VS Germany (11/28 00:00 India Time)

The World Cup Group E, the group of death competition must be a popular game that must be watched.

November 29th 00:00 Brazil VS Switzerland (11/28 21:00 India Time)

This game is also one of the best-selling events in this World Cup. I think everyone wants to see the strength of Brazil's football.

12/01 03:00 Poland VS Argentina (12/01 00:00 India Time)

Argentina has surpassed France in the World Football Lottery odds recently, winning the second World Cup favorite, and you can also see Messi Lewandowski's battle of the century!

Qatar World Cup must-see stars

● Messi

He has won the world's best player award 7 times in total. At the age of 35, he ushered in the last World Cup football match of his playing career. The last performance will lead Argentina to win the World Cup championship again.

● Ronaldo

At the age of 37, he is the player with the most goals in the national team in the history of world football, but he may retire at any time at such an advanced age, so it is better to take a look at his heroic appearance now.

● Son Heung-min

This time Son Heung-min collided with a player in a recent club game, causing emergency surgery on his face. If Son Heung-min can catch up with this World Football Championship, he may wear a mask on the field and continue to fight for the South Korean national team.

Son Heung-min collided with players in recent matches
Son Heung-min collided with players in recent matches
● Tintin (Kevin De Bruyne)

In recent years, Belgium's golden age has gradually declined, but midfield star De Bruyne has always been a major attraction in Belgium. If Belgium can achieve another success in this World Football Championship, he must be one of the players who have contributed.

● Neymar

Neymar, who is famous for diving, visited the news media a few days ago and said that the 2022 World Cup may also be his last participation. Neymar's adaptability and strong defensive and offensive advantages are also quite interesting players. one.

Top 5 favorites to win this World Cup

■ Brazil

Brazil is ranked No. 1 in the latest FIFA rankings and has been the champion since the opening of the World Cup, and the odds keep falling. Presumably, Brazil has a good chance to win their 6th Gold Cup in this World Cup!

Top 5 favourites to win this World Cup
Top 5 favourites to win this World Cup
■ Argentina

Recently, Messi's strength has rejuvenated, which has made the ball critics and the media optimistic. Pinnacle Sports' latest championship odds have also dropped from the original 6.51 to 5.89, pushing second-placed France to third place, so this year, we can look forward to Argentina. What a wonderful performance.

■ France

Recently, the French team has been injured continuously, which may seriously affect the team's strength. This is also the reason why the odds of the World Football Lottery have increased, but they are still in the top three and have a good chance of entering the World Cup final.

■ England

England, ranked fifth in FIFA, has good football strength, but has been mediocre recently. However, it reached third place in the last World Cup, and last year, it reached the final in the European Cup of Nations. It may become the dark horse to win the championship this year. !

■ Spain

According to the current odds trend, Spain is ranked fifth, but if it wants to compete with the top few for the championship, Spain still has to work harder. After all, it is about to face Germany in the group stage. The two teams with similar strengths will What kind of sparks will be wiped out, we can only wait for the start of the World Cup together!

The above is a simple arrangement for all World Cup football fans so that you can grasp the most important football information before the game starts. If you want to know more about the latest news of the 2022 World Cup, please continue to follow

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