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World Cup Classic Review | Do you remember the 2018 World Cup scene?

World Cup Classic Review
World Cup Classic Review

The 2022 World Cup will start in less than three months! More and more fans are beginning to speculate about the favorite team to win the World Cup, but do you still remember the status of the last 2018 World Cup team, and what are the classic moments?

Today World Cup 2022 brings you the 2018 World Football Classics retrospective, allowing you to relive these famous scenes and also serve as the basis for this year's World Football Team Analysis!

2014 FIFA World Cup defending champion Germany loses to South Korea

I believe that this incident in the last World Cup made many fans stunned. As the defending team, the German tank was out early in the group stage, and the most unbelievable thing was their match against South Korea. China did not score a single point, and lost to South Korea 0:2. This was also the first time Germany was defeated by an Asian country. It was a great shame for them.

However, due to the painful lessons of the previous session, the German national team was reorganized, and the new coach Hansi Flick was in charge of the soldiers, and a new strategy was drawn up so that many fans regained their confidence in the German team of this World Football Team.

Japan creates miracles and becomes a model for Asia

The rankings of the national teams in the Asian region of the World Football Team are basically in the middle and late stages. It is not easy for Asian countries to advance to the top 16, but Japan did it last year! Japan was also the only Asian national team to advance to the top 16 of the World Cup last year. It also took the lead in scoring 2 points in the first battle with Belgium. Although it lost 2:3 in the end, it won the respect and stability of the world. Japan's position in Asia.

Japan creates miracles and becomes a model for Asia
Japan creates miracles and becomes a model for Asia

And it is commendable that Japan not only has been recognized by everyone for its style of play on the field but also spontaneously organizes the locker room off the field, which makes many European and American countries regard this spirit of Japan as a model.

But it is a pity that Japan's signing luck this year is not very good, and it was directly assigned to the death group in the World Cup group stage. It is not easy to stand out among the two major European powerhouses, Germany and Spain.

Last World Cup Goal Leader - Harry Kane

Everyone should be impressed by Harry Kane in the last World Cup! He was the top scorer in the previous session and the winner of the World Cup Golden Boot. He not only brought 6 points to the team on the field but also led the World Football Team England to the semi-finals of the World Cup football match. At the age of 25, he has a promising future. He is preparing to enter 30 this year, and he must be more skilled in the ball. I also expect him to lead England to a new record this year.

2018 Black Mark Royalia won the runner-up position

The unexpected team in the last year must have been Croatia. The team was not optimistic and thought that it would pack up early, but through the finals and won the runner-up in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. What is amazing is that before entering the championship, their record was 6 wins and 0 losses, the best result since 1998, also because of the excellent results of the previous session, so many fans have no doubts about this year's Croatia. Expect less.

When it comes to this year's dark horse, the most popular outsider is Denmark, but it is not easy to rush to the final because if they appear second in the top 32, there is a great possibility that they will have to face the World Football Team Argentina. , It is really difficult to break through the encirclement. Moreover, although Denmark's results in the World Cup qualifiers are very bright, it has not yet played against those world football powerhouses. This time Denmark is ranked in Group D of the top 32 of the World Cup and will play the defending champions of the 2018 World Cup. , how it will develop is unclear.

World Cup football hilarious tidbits

Of course, in addition to those serious classic scenes in the World Football arena, the following funny famous scenes must not be missed, and people can't help but admire the excellent skills of photography!

◾ Most Affectionate Love (Action?) Movie

Messi and Croatian players have this affectionate look at each other
Messi and Croatian players have this affectionate look at each other

In the last World Cup, Argentina played against Croatia for some unknown reason. The scene of Messi and Croatian players facing each other affectionately has also become a meme for many fans after dinner.

◾ Best assists in the last session

Best Assist in the last term
Best Assist in the last term

Assisting on the field is very important, so is this a good assist for Moroccan players?

◾ An unmissable celebration on the field

An unmissable celebration on the field
An unmissable celebration on the field

The most famous celebration of the last football World Cup should be Iceland! Every time a goal is scored, there is a new bridge, such as riding a bicycle, going to the toilet, etc., which makes many fans look forward to their super changes!

The above are some of the more classic scenes of the LUCKY11 World Football Championship 2022. Of course, there are still many that have not been mentioned in this article. After all, there are too many classic scenes in the World Cup football stadium. I want to see more about world football. Related interesting things, then lock us at any time!

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