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World Cup soccer controversy fans out of order, even the World Cup broadcast can not watch ⁈

World Cup Controversy
World Cup Controversy

The Qatar World Cup sparked a lot of controversies before it even started. First, many workers were killed in Qatar to build the stadiums needed for the World Cup, causing human rights issues. There were voices of boycotts in many areas, and even France used the lack of World Cup broadcasts to boycott; not long ago, even the event even There were serious incidents such as water shortage and dehydration of fans, which led fans to express to him, "If the World Cup is still like this, they will not want to come to the scene!"

With the 2022 World Cup set to become an international joke, will Qatar have the means to deal with the challenge?

Watching the World Cup football game you will experience: water shortage, high temperatures, disorder

Qatar has spent a lot of money to build many new stadiums for the World Cup, including $767 million for the Rusal Landmark Stadium for the World Cup final, but the first fans to experience it are bitter. Unspeakable.

The venue was officially opened to hold the "Lusail Super Cup" event, but the fans who came to watch the game were disillusioned by the stadium. To implement the shuttle bus, the fans had to be in the sun at 35 degrees Celsius. Walk for 45 minutes to the arena; want to drink water after entering? It is a pity that there are not enough supplies in the stadium. You can't get water in the stadium, and the interior environment of the stadium is hot and humid, and there is even no air conditioning, which eventually led to the tragedy of dehydration of many people. What's more exaggerated is that the surrounding area of ​​the stadium is not well planned. , the ambulance arrived at the scene but did not know where to stop, so that the scene was constantly running around.

Whether entering or leaving the stadium, it can only be described as chaos, and there were sporadic conflicts among fans; the signs in the stadium did not work well, and some fans followed the instructions but got lost in the process of going to the toilet; The audio inside also malfunctioned.

The viewing environment is poor, and the World Cup broadcast cannot be seen outside the stadium. Fans: "I don't want to go"

The small game has reached such a level, and various problems have caused fans to blurt out, "If the World Cup is still like this, I won't want to come to the scene!", which further shows that Qatar has not yet made a commitment to the World Cup, which is held every four years. 2.45 million tickets for the World Cup have been sold, indicating that at least 1.2 million fans will arrive in Qatar before and after the World Cup group stage. This is bound to be a big test for Qatar.

Every fan who goes to the Qatar World Cup cannot be there to watch all the games one by one. They will inevitably not go to watch the game immediately because of financial resources, time or not being able to buy tickets. Generally speaking, they will use this time. Watch the World Cup broadcast in a hotel or restaurant.

However, a few days ago, the media threw out a shock bomb, saying that because the amount of the broadcast fee was too expensive, local hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. could not be broadcast, and it was ironic that some games could not be watched when going to Qatar to watch the World Cup.

Migrant workers continue to have a fever, and there will be no World Cup broadcasts in French public areas

The issue of migrant workers’ rights in Qatar has always been a major focus of this World Cup. Many big names have publicly expressed their boycott of the Qatar World Cup. Now even France, including Paris, Lille, Marseille, etc. Many cities boycotted the game because of this.

In the past, during the World Cup, you could stand in the public areas of these cities to watch the broadcast. Now the local government has confirmed that there will be no giant screens for the World Cup live broadcast this year. It is unknown whether more regions will follow in the future. span

However, it is a pity that the voices of the outside world are difficult to convey to the local area. According to the media, there are still many migrant workers who have not received good treatment and are rushing to work in the capital of Qatar, hoping to catch up with the start of the World Football Championship.

Migrant workers continue to have a fever, and there will be no World Cup broadcasts in French public areas
Migrant workers continue to have a fever, and there will be no World Cup broadcasts in French public areas

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