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Wales|After half a century! Accidentally kicked into the 2022 World Cup in-competition

Wales|After half a century! Accidentally kicked into the 2022 World Cup
Wales|After half a century! Accidentally kicked into the 2022 World Cup

This 2022 World Cup round of 32 has an unexpected new face, and that is the Wales, football team. It has been 64 years since the Welsh national football team entered the World Football Championship. In the playoffs of this World Cup, Ukraine won the last ticket to the European World Cup with its own goal. Les to the peak of history.

About the Welsh Football Team in the United Kingdom

Let's start with the history of football in the United Kingdom, commonly known as the United Kingdom. In the history of modern football, it was carried forward by the United Kingdom. In 1886, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) was established in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. The purpose of its establishment is to manage the size of the football rules. Authority to govern any rules of football. Therefore, after FIFA was established in 1904, it still recognized the membership of 4 members of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland), and it was also the only sovereign country with 4 FIFA World Cup memberships.

Despite all the power in football, Wells has been shown so little in the World Cup because Wales' football development has been so reliant on England that for many years Welsh players have to choose to invest in club development in England and even represent England in national competitions. Wells, who has relied on England for many years, has already lost a lot of people innately, and each of the world football European regions is a strong enemy. It is a big problem to qualify for the World Cup.

The shift in training policy moving forward 2022 World Cup

In recent years, although Wells still relies on the soccer resources of the world soccer team in England, he constantly seeks new and improved soccer strength. Wales began to increase its youth training program from in-house to long-term league training, starting with identifying promising young soccer players, training them professionally and scientifically, and after completing their ability training, sending them to England to participate in major tournaments to further improve. Solid training improves the skills and strength of the players and enhances the strength of Welsh soccer.

In addition to developing the strength of players, Wales also began to focus on the selection of coaches. Starting in 2010, Wales hired Premier League strongman Peder as the representative team coach, reversing the decadent atmosphere of the Welsh soccer team. Spyder led the team for only 11 months, but made a big turnaround as Wells quickly rose to 45th in the FIFA rankings, and then Chris Coleman continued Spyder's style to lead Wells. Under the groundbreaking leadership of these two coaches, this time, Wells finally stood on the stage of the 2022 World Cup again after 64 years.

Gareth Bale leads the way to the World Cup
Gareth Bale leads the way to the World Cup

Gareth Bale leads the last mile of the World Cup

After Wells entered the group stage, the competition in Group B instantly became the focus. In Group B of the group stage, there were not only strong rivals in England, but also Iran was ready to go. Wells needs to enter the top 16 of the World Cup. Go all out! Although the outside world is not optimistic about Wells, and even the World Cup live broadcast Elda only recommended one event, I still look forward to what Wells will perform in the World Cup.

After all, Wells also has the current strongest captain, Gareth Bale, who was once known as one of the fastest players. Bell, who is now 33 years old, has now moved to the United States to live a semi-retired life, but Bell is still an indispensable key player in Wells. Although the speed is not as fast as in their heyday, he is still strong in terms of his current club competitions in the United States, and Wells will meet the United States in the World Cup group stage. bringing more variables to them.

Let's continue to pay attention to【LUCKY11 World Football Championship-related event news】and welcome the arrival of the 2022 World Cup!

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