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US National Team | Ambition to the 2022 World Cup!

Team USA | Big ambitions
Team USA | Big ambitions

The U.S. men's national soccer team participated in the first World Cup and won third place, but it disappeared from the World Cup after that, and it didn't return to the soccer team until 1990. Although the best record in the recent World Cup ended in the quarter-finals, the results in the American Gold Cup are quite impressive.

Let's find out what strategy the United States will use in the 2022 Qatar World Cup to gain the upper hand in the World Cup group stage!

As a sports power, football is one step behind

American scholars believe that the reason why football is not popular locally is related to the lack of socialism and economic development similar to Europe in the history of the United States. Because football has an inseparable relationship with European culture, long before the development of football in the United States, Other sports such as baseball and rugby have been developed, and it is difficult for water sports to compete with them, and it is also difficult to temporarily change the inherent sports culture.

On the other hand, the reason for the failure of development is also the desire to resist the globalization of football. Americans like sports developed from their own culture, they have a sense of superiority to their own sports system and rules and are unwilling to submit to the international world that is full of burdens and regulations. FA. But after the 1980s, the football market developed at an explosive rate, so Americans gradually discovered the charm of football and began to return to the arms of the World Cup.

As a sports power, football is one step behind
As a sports power, football is one step behind

To qualify for the World Cup, use scientific training methods

The American people are not interested in football, which indirectly prevents football from being carried forward in the United States. However, after the 1990s, the United States continued to seek innovations and changes, and the US football FIFA World Cup ranking continued to advance. Since 1994, the U.S. Soccer Association has formulated a series of development plans, including hiring Jurgen Klinsmann, a well-known former German national team player, as the national team coach; also signing Beckham, Ibrahimovic, etc. Several well-known stars play for the American Professional Football League. With the promotion of various strategies, they not only contribute to the promotion of football but also strengthen the strength of the team.

In recent years, the United States has continuously developed football and has also opened many football schools, attracting local students to start playing football at an early age. Scientific training has taken root since childhood, and football culture and strength have been continuously expanded. It also made Americans who didn't like football very much start to like the sport. Even the next 2026 FIFA World Cup will be co-hosted by the United States, Canada, and Mexico, which will allow everyone to gradually see the rise of the United States in football.

How will the U.S. break out of the World Cup?

Group B of the World Cup group stage includes England, the United States, Wales, and Iran, which are full of topical groups. News topics have been emerging since the group was announced.

The head coach of the United States this time is Greg Berhalter, who often uses a 4-3-3 formation to put great pressure on the opponent's defense, and uses high-intensity sprints to increase the opponent's turnover rate. In addition, the two most important key scorers of the US national team this time, Christian Pulisic and Sergio Durst, these two strong players are currently playing for European football powerhouses, giving the United States the final Hopes of qualifying for the World Cup final.

■ Christian Pulisic

The 24-year-old plays for Chelsea in the English Premier League, where he won major football leagues such as the Champions League with the club. When he first entered the Premier League, Pulisic broke the record for the youngest player in Chelsea history to use a hat trick at the age of 21. With such an outstanding talent, it has become the most important scoring key for the United States in this Qatar World Cup.

■ Sergio Durst

He is currently on loan from the Spanish top-flight Barcelona to AC Milan. This 2022 World Cup is his first time representing the national team in the World Cup. U.S. national team coach Berhalter is very optimistic about the young player, believing that his defensive and offensive strength can bring advantages to the U.S. team.

That’s all for the analysis of the U.S. national team for the 2022 World Cup. The 2022 World Cup is coming, and the status of each team is gradually becoming clear. If you want to become a passionate fan of the World Cup, don’t forget sports betting. Not only can you be more involved in the event, but you also have the opportunity to earn a small amount of money. For what?

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