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In addition to the World Cup, there are five major leagues! "Forbes" top 10 football club rankings

Updated: Jun 25

Top 10 football clubs ranked by Forbes
Top 10 football clubs ranked by Forbes

Fans who love the World Football Championship should all know that football is not only a large-scale event, but also a major event in football, but how much do you know about the five major leagues? Except for Real Madrid (Real Madrid), which has recently attracted much attention in the Champions League, have other clubs heard of it? It's okay if you don't already know, Football World Cup brings you the top 10 high-value football clubs in no time!


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  1. What is the value of a football club?

  2. Top 10 football clubs with the highest market capitalization


What is the value of a football club?

Not long ago, "Forbes" magazine announced the latest ranking of "football clubs with the highest market capitalization" in 2022. Many people will ask what is the value of a football club, and how is it defined?

Football clubs are divided into tangible properties and intangible properties, such as sports venues and training grounds, while the intangible properties of clubs include brand value or the purchase and lease of players.

"The most valuable football club" is based on all the above factors of the club to make the evaluation ranking, including the club's team value and enterprise value, the competitive benefits that the team can bring, etc. Forbes magazine will base on the Estimate past transactions, market values, debt, etc.

What is the value of a football club?
What is the value of a football club?

Top 10 football clubs with the highest market capitalization

"Forbes" magazine's "Most Valuable Clubs" ranking has a history of many years. At the same time, due to the epidemic this year, the average value of football clubs has only increased by 10% compared with previous years, reaching $2.53 billion, ranking among the world's high-value sports clubs. The top 8 in football, and 2 in football alone, and the following are the top 10 rankings of "the most valuable football clubs":

Top 10 football clubs with the highest market capitalization
Top 10 football clubs with the highest market capitalization
Real Madrid Football Club

As the hegemony for four consecutive years, Real Madrid has been very active in the Champions League recently and has naturally become the most vocal candidate. Not surprisingly, Real Madrid ranked the champion with $5.1 billion and was even estimated by the brand. Value consultancy Brand Finance has named it "the strongest brand".

Moreover, after winning the Champions League, Real Madrid received a bonus of 4.5 million euros. The bonus this season alone exceeds 110 million euros, which is a huge gap with other clubs.

Top 10 Most Valuable Football Clubs Real Madrid Football Club
Top 10 Most Valuable Football Clubs Real Madrid Football Club
FC Barcelona

Barcelona has always been a club with high brand value. Last year, because of Messi's transfer, the club's brand value was affected a lot. However, since coach Xavi took over, the club has regained a lot of feelings and finally won the league. Submit the runner-up transcript.

Although there is still a gap from the past, the overall level has rebounded a lot. In addition, they only spent 1.6 billion US dollars to build a new football stadium not long ago, which is currently the largest football stadium in Europe, which is also their overall ranking. That's up quite a bit and is in second place with $5 billion.

Manchester United Football Club

Manchester City, ranked third with US$4.6 billion, although it is said to have only stopped in the round of 16 in this Champions League, won first place again in this year's English Premier League, and has always had a certain position in the Premier League clubs. Next year Whether they can win the Premier League three consecutive championships is one of the focuses of fans.

The above is the analysis and introduction of the top three. The remaining 4-10 are also very well-known clubs. If you are curious about these clubs, you are welcome to click the article below to view the relevant introduction of each club!

However, the above rankings are only from "Forbes" magazine. There are other rankings for the brand value, wealth, etc. of clubs around the world. The director of Brand Finance Spain also said: "Football clubs are not just clubs. , it is a local brand in various places, and even a brand representing the country, which has made a huge contribution to the country's GDP."

So how to view the value of clubs is a matter of opinion, but there is no doubt that these clubs have indeed made great contributions to the country and the city, and it is also worth getting to know them well.

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