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The strongest curse! France can't escape the fate of the 2018 World Cup defending country?

The most powerful spell in the football world cup
The most powerful spell in the football world cup

Fans who have a certain understanding of the World Cup football match should have heard of the World Cup curse, right? Such as "the host is undefeated in the first game", "the defending World Football team will always perform poorly" and so on.

Even if the above statement does not have any basis, the defending champion of the 2014 World Cup Spain team returned home early in the World Cup group stage, and it is interesting that this curse has not been broken so far, which also makes many fans. Curious whether the current defending army, France, will also be entangled by this curse, or can it become the World Football Team that breaks the curse?

Where did the World Cup curse come from?

Seeing the above text, some people will say, that in the early World Cup, Brazil and Italy defended consecutively, but at that time, there was a big gap between the World Cup football system and the current world football, so it was relatively unmatched. Reference.

The interesting thing is that since the 21st century, the World Football Championship seems to be under a spell, as long as it is the defending team, it will be hard to win again, and even in the next one or two games, it will not perform very well. It is also for this reason that some people call this spell. For the "21st Century Curse".

World football powerhouses Germany, Spain, and Italy are all spared the curse of the World Cup

Of course, although the word "World Cup curse" does not sound scientifically logical, the past World Cups, apart from Spain, Germany, and Italy in the European World Cup mentioned above, are all good examples. All have a certain strength, and they are even more optimistic after they become the defending army, but it is surprising that these three countries not only failed to defend the title in the next session but also plummeted and returned home early with dismal results.

◆ Germany

Let’s start with Germany. As a football powerhouse in Europe, in the 2018 World Cup, they unexpectedly lost to South Korea in the top 32 of the World Cup. The most terrible thing is that they were eliminated early in the last place in the group stage.

However, after the incident, some outsiders questioned the layout of the game, thinking that the coach Achim. Loew talked a lot about replacing players, but it didn't help, and even led to a series of losses, and he didn't do his job as a coach. It also became the later Achim. The big reason for Loew's co-appointment.

World football powerhouses Germany, Spain and Italy are all spared
World football powerhouses Germany, Spain and Italy are all spared
◆ Italy

The case country that I will talk about next, which I am sure everyone is familiar with, is the Italian team of the World Football Team, which went home early this year. Italy, which used to be a strong enemy of the World Cup in the past, has been in a bad situation since it won the World Cup championship in 2006. First, it was eliminated early in the World Cup group stage in 2010 and 2014, and in 2018 and this year The World Cup did not even qualify, much to the disappointment of many Italian fans.

However, the biggest reason for these problems is that the team's personnel are not available, and many players often play sick, resulting in constant injuries among the players on the team, and the overall strength has declined a lot. The strange thing is that although Italy has not performed very well for several consecutive years, it performed extremely well in the European Cup in 2020, and won the championship at that time, making everyone think that this year's World Cup will be a decadent situation, unexpected. This year, I didn't even advance to the group stage, and I was eliminated. It is also for such reasons that some people in the outside world are more certain of the existence of the World Cup curse.

Will France have a chance to break the World Cup curse and win the World Cup again?

From the above examples, it seems that the above countries will lose. They are all related to their team factors, but it is undeniable that they all happened to lose at this time, and Italy is even more surprising to everyone. With the rumors of the World Cup curse.

As for whether France can break the curse of the World Cup this year, the outside world is not very optimistic. Although France is expensive in Europe, there are still many candidates for the championship. In addition, the French player Pogba was a while ago. The game was temporarily suspended due to injury. Even if he said that he would return to the battlefield before the World Cup, his strength would still be affected to some extent. If the French team wants to defend the 2022 World Cup, it is bound to have to work hard.

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