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The stampede in South Korea raises concerns about the World Cup, is Qatar ready?

South Korea stampede raises concerns about World Cup
South Korea stampede raises concerns about World Cup

The stampede of Itaewon in South Korea has entered the global perspective, and many people expressed emotion and mourning for it. World Cup ace player Son Heung-min of South Korea also chose not to celebrate and express condolences after winning the game. A few days ago, there was an extremely serious stampede at the Indonesian football stadium. The two incidents reminded football fans of the "Hillsborough tragedy" that happened in the past.

Qatar's World Cup is predicted to welcome millions of fans, and recalling the chaos caused by the end of the stadiums of previous World Cup championships makes one wonder again whether Qatar is ready for the World Cup. Have you faced a huge number of people, I hope this event of World Football 2022 will not become a tragedy.

Tragic stampede, Son Heung-min expressed heartbreak

After the stampede in Itaewon, South Korea, Son Heung-min, who narrowly won in the Premier League, had no intention of celebrating, and posted a black-and-white photo of the game on Instagram, rarely using his native Korean to write, "After learning of the sudden stampede accident, I hope there will be no more unfortunate victims, and express my deepest condolences to the victims of the accident."

Later, he thanked all his fans in English, saying that he was heartbroken and hoped to fully support the Korean people.

Not long before the Itaewon incident, an extremely serious football stadium stampede occurred in Indonesia. The stadium could only accommodate 38,000 people, but more than 40,000 tickets were sold that day. A very serious football hooligan problem, fans caused a commotion in the stadium, the police failed to maintain law and order, and eventually caused the tragedy of 125 deaths.

Two consecutive tragedies can not help but remind people of the well-known "Hillsborough tragedy" in football history. After investigation, the main reason for the incident was that the stadium was crowded with too many people at one time, and the situation of football hooligans was particularly serious at that time. Barbed wire was set up to prevent spectators from throwing debris into the stadium. Many people were pushed to the barbed wire and were crushed and trampled to death. In addition, the police did not properly control the stadium at the beginning of the incident, and finally formed such a tragic situation. tragedy.

Tragic stampede, Son Heung-min expressed heartbreak
Tragic stampede, Son Heung-min expressed heartbreak

Whether there will be a stampede at the World Cup is worrying

Stampede accidents on football fields are still quite frequent. The above two incidents can be attributed to the two main reasons "football hooligans" and "overloading of people".

This year is the smallest host in the history of the World Cup. The previous test match was a disaster when it ended. The surrounding traffic was chaotic and the local MRT station was crowded. The event was held at the Lusal Stadium, which will be the venue for the World Football Finals to decide the champion. It can accommodate 80,000 fans to watch the game, but only 77,000 people bought tickets on that day, which is impossible to make. complete test.

Even if the stadium can effectively accommodate tens of thousands of spectators, and the World Cup tickets are sold by FIFA, it is relatively unlikely to be oversold, but due to the small footprint of Qatar and the location of the stadium is very close, it is inevitable to worry about admission and At the end of the show, the mass transit such as the MRT station could not carry the flow of people, which eventually led to the tragedy of a stampede accident.

The official estimate is that there will be 3 million people entering Qatar. To meet the huge crowd of the World Football Championship, Qatar will implement measures such as suspension of classes and traffic control, but this is not enough. I believe they must do so. Be more prepared to avoid accidents in Qatar. For more world football news, please continue to follow us!

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