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【Sports Lottery Play】Football Handicap Prediction Skills!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Soccer Handicap Prediction Skills
Soccer Handicap Prediction Skills

Many friends who love to watch sports events know a little bit about the lottery!

The World Cup is about to start in a few months. How much do you know about the terminology of the lottery? Are there many fans who are confused about how to look at football handicap, feel at a loss for various technical terms, and retreat, so today I will solve the confusion for newbies to the sports lottery? Through this article, you can learn more about sports lottery gameplay.


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Sports lottery world football eight professional terms analysis

Of course, when it comes to football terms, there are too many to count, so today I will sort out 8 terms that novice players must understand so that everyone will no longer be confused when playing the sports lottery.

• Rollerball

Also known as "going ground", it means that you can still bet on the event even if it starts, and the odds will fluctuate with the event.

• Win alone

As long as the team you bet on wins, you win!

• Water money

Refers to the percentage drawn by the dealer.

Single bet limit, single shot

Maximum amount limit for a single bet.

• Equal Note

Bet on multiple events, each with the same amount.

• Water level:

Also known as a premium, which means that the dealer pays the result.

• Top and Bottom:

The team that gives the ball is the top team and the team that is handed the ball is the bottom team.

Sports Lottery World Soccer What is a "handicap"?

Handicap is also what we usually call handicap because if the gap between the two teams is too big, we usually know who to bet on will win, and the lottery company will naturally not play this kind of game, so the "handicap" is derived. ”, the reference standard made by Yun Lottery according to the strength difference between the two teams. There are different types of handicaps according to different countries, such as international handicaps, American handicaps, Asian handicaps, and so on.

According to the handicap, it is further subdivided. The following World Football Championship 2022 will introduce two common handicaps:

• No handicap markets

This kind of market is also the most common and easiest way to play, and the result of the event is the outcome of the bet.

• Handicap of points

Usually, after many players are familiar with the lottery game, they have long been dissatisfied with the simple game of winning and losing, and want more fresh and exciting options. Therefore, they have developed a "handicap" instead of just watching The outcome is determined by the number, but it must be matched with the potential rules of the game. This kind of gameplay can often lead to a big reversal of the game, which is very exciting!

What is the "handicap" of the world football game?
What is the "handicap" of the world football game?

Sports Lottery Football Prediction Tips

First of all, fans who play the football lottery must remember one thing. It is impossible to bet just by watching the lottery analysis!

Such behavior is equivalent to blindly betting after seeing the percentage of winning and losing. The basis is not enough.

So here are the two major sports lottery viewing techniques for you:

• Eero forecast method

This game-watching technique is extended from chess and integrated and improved with lottery betting data. It has been used by many senior fans in football lottery prediction.

The outcome of the official game is predicted by the scores of the home and away games before the game. The following is the analysis equation for this prediction method:

Home win rate: = 44.8% + (0.53% × point difference between the two teams)

Away win rate: = 24.5% + (0.39% × point difference between the two teams)

Ex: 60 points at home, 40 points away

The difference between the two points is 20

The home team's winning percentage = 44.8% + (0.53% × 20) = 55.4%

The winning percentage of the visiting team = 24.5% + (0.39% × 20) = 32.3%

Through this prediction method, you can simply calculate the winning percentage of both teams, and then match the odds and other information. I believe that players will have a better understanding of the market trend.

• Goal rate prediction method

This way of looking at the game is based on an international gaming conference. The average goal rate of each game is used as a reference for the next match result formula. After testing in the Premier League, La Liga, and other large leagues, this prediction method The accuracy rate is as high as 70%. The following is the prediction formula:

When the difference between the two teams' average goal percentage is 0.30 (excluding 0.30) or more, the team with the higher average goal percentage will likely win.

The difference between the average goal rate between the two sides is 0.10 to 0.30 (including 0.30). When the average home goal rate is high, the home win rate is high.

The difference between the average goal rate between the two sides is 0.10 to 0.30 (including 0.30).

When the average goal difference between the two sides is 0.10 (inclusive) or less, the probability of a home win or draw is high.

The above is an analysis of the eight basic terms of football. Do the lottery fans who read this article understand what football handicap is? They also hope that the above football terms can help players to bet on lottery more effectively, no longer because of football games. Confused by the color!

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