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Sports Betting ▸ England V.S USA Qatar World Cup Handicap Prediction!

Sports Betting ▸ England V.S USA
Sports Betting ▸ England V.S USA

The Qatar World Cup is about to start in mid-November. Which team do you like for sports betting? This time, England, which has the most champion image in Group B of the World Cup, and the United States, who have broken through the siege, will fight in the World Football Championship. What is the best way to buy this game?

This article on lottery analysis will lead you to uncover the rivalry between the two Jedi teams. Before the 2022 World Cup kicks off, take a look at the Group B World Cup betting market!

Sports betting analysis ahead of World Cup Group B

England National Team Sports Betting Analysis

For historical reasons, the English national football team has separate football governing bodies from the four parts of the United Kingdom. England is a well-known top team in European football and has also cultivated many strong football superstars, but its team's performance in major football events is not as good as its name, often surprising others.

In this UEFA Europa League, England suffered 6 consecutive defeats and was relegated to the Europa League B-level situation. Having said that, England has the second-best odds to win the World Cup, which is quite promising, and they have performed quite well in the World Cup qualifying European region, advancing to the top of the group with 8 wins, 2, and 0 losses. 2022 FIFA World Cup.

The following are the results of the England football team in the European Group I of the World Cup qualifying round.

Match Dates Home and Away Opponents Scores Results

2021/03/25 Home San Marino 5:0 Win

2021/03/28 Away Albania 0:2 Win

2021/03/31 Home Poland 2:1 Win

2021/09/02 Away Hungary 0:4 Win

2021/09/05 Home Andorra 4:0 Win

2021/09/08 Away Poland 1:1 And

2021/10/09 Away Andorra 0:5 Win

2021/10/12 Home Hungary 1:1 And

2021/11/12 Home Albania 5:0 Win

2021/11/15 Away San Marino 0:10 Win

England performed outstandingly in the World Cup qualifiers. According to common sense, they should also perform very well in major competitions. I did not expect that they fell below everyone's glasses in the UEFA Nations League. After six consecutive defeats, they fell into a situation of relegation. The situation needs to be rectified very well in the Qatar World Cup, otherwise, it may disappoint football fans all over the world again.

The following is the recent performance of the England football team.

Team Score Attack Dangerous Attack Shot on Goal Shot Off Goal Possession

England:Germany 3:3 105:95 66:38 8:4 5:6 41%|59%

Italy:England 1:0 77:110 36:49 3:4 7:10 44%|56%

England:Hungary 0:4 152:65 64:18 2:5 6:0 69%|31%

US National Football Team Sports Betting Analysis

The U.S. national football team was established in 1913. It participated in the first 1930 World Cup and won the best third place in the history of the country. Although the United States is one of the sports powerhouses, the Chinese people in this country are not interested in football. There is a lack of interest so the football strength is not as good as the teams in Europe and South America. But since the 1990s, the U.S. national team has been a constant winner of America's Cup. Ranked second in FIFA in the Central and North American regions of the World Cup and directly advanced to the third round of the qualifying round. In the 14 games in the third round, the score was 7 wins, 4 and 3 losses, ranking third and successfully winning the World Cup tickets.

Match Dates Home and Away Opponents Scores Results

2021/09/02 Away El Salvador 0:0 And

2021/09/05 Home Canada 1:1 And

2021/09/08 Away Honduras 1:4 Win

2021/10/07 Home Jamaica 2:0 Win

2021/10/10 Away Panama 1:0 loss

2021/10/13 Home Costa Rica 2:1 Win

2021/11/12 Home Mexico 2:0 Win

2021/11/16 Away Jamaica 1:1 And

2022/01/27 Home El Salvador 1:0 Win

2022/01/30 Away Canada 2:0 loss

2022/02/02 Home Honduras 3:0 Win

2022/03/24 Away Mexico 0:0 And

2022/03/27 Home Panama 5:1 Win

2022/03/30 Away Costa Rica 2:0 loss

The U.S. national team has participated in many international friendly matches recently, and its record is remarkable. In the World Cup against England, the chances of winning are slim. However, England often has unstable performance in large-scale events. Perhaps The United States can seize the opportunity to pursue victory and enter the World Cup round of 16.

US National Football Team Sports Betting Analysis
US National Football Team Sports Betting Analysis
The following is the recent performance of the US national team.

Team Score Attack Dangerous Attack Shot on Goal Shot Off Goal Possession

Saudi Arabia:USA 0:0 92:99 48:62 2:2 8:5 46%|54%

Japan:USA 2:0 105:87 43:29 7:0 8:6 44%|56%

El Salvador:USA 1:1 94:139 46:78 1:5 6:6 40%|60%

Sports Betting England V.S USA Full Sports Betting Analysis

In Group B of the World Cup group stage, it is not difficult for England to advance to the top 16 with the strength of England, but how the lottery betting market will open in this game, we will reveal it here for you.

At present, England's overall combat strength is very good, with a very good World Cup champion image, and it is also one of the favorite teams to win the Qatar World Cup. Therefore, in the game against the United States, it is also very reasonable to bet on England to win. Although the results of the UEFA Nations League greatly affect the current index of the team, it is predicted that between +0.6 and 0.7 in the England-US match.

In terms of lottery betting, the United States may be able to bet on whether both teams have scored goals. After all, in terms of football strength, the United States may still be able to withstand England's top time, and the lottery handicap may fall on + Between 1.2 and 1.5, the two teams have some gaps in strength and ranking. If the United States practices more before the game, there may be unexpected results!

The above is the analysis of sports betting in England and the United States. Is it better to understand the charm of the World Cup football match? Sports betting can make you more serious in the game when watching the game, maybe you can make a small profit in the game, and make the World Cup more exciting and interesting in your experience. I recommend you to go to the sports in【LUCKY11 Casino】Compete to play the lottery, not only having multiple ways to play, but also watching live broadcasts for free. Sign up to become a passionate football fan of the World Cup!

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