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SBOBET Sports World Cup Preliminary Launch! First, look at how to buy & play the first lottery game!

SBOBET Sports World Cup preliminaries launched
SBOBET Sports World Cup preliminaries launched

The World Cup is coming, and I'm still watching the World Cup handicap analysis, it's too slow to bet!

The first game of Pinnacle Sports (early game) was officially launched not long ago, which means that you can play the lottery betting first from now on. At the same time, you can use this data to make a more accurate analysis of the lottery. How to watch, how to play?

The following World Football Championships 2022 will teach you how to buy SBOBET's preliminary sports lottery, as well as preliminary analysis!

SBOBET Sports World Cup Handicap - Introduction

What is an (early plate)?

The initial market (early market) refers to the market opened before the game, and the advance time varies according to each bookmaker. At present, most players are still used to betting on the lottery a day or a few hours before the start of the game, so why do so many bookmakers have to open the game more than half a month earlier?

The main reason is that this is one of the ways for bookmakers to prove their strength. Being able to open the market early means that they have an understanding of the event, and at the same time, they can also understand the bookmaker's view of the outcome of the event through the initial market.

Analysis of pottery from initial odds

What most people are curious about is how to do a lottery analysis in the initial market, as long as you look at the odds! Three preliminary analysis methods are provided below:

▪ Look at the odds of winning from the bet amount & odds

When the main win is 2.10, and a high-value order of tens of thousands is also traded, but the odds do not decrease but increase, it means that the team's odds of winning are unstable, and it remains to be seen whether or not to bet.

▪ Review the current situation through the preliminary results of future events

When playing sports betting, in addition to looking at the preliminary analysis, you can also use the preliminary results in reverse, to scrutinize the current situation of the team you want to bet on, to see if the odds offered by the market are consistent with the current state, and to review the bookmaker. And the lottery analysis of the betting team.

for example,

Assuming that the current purchase is country A V.S country B, which is about to start tomorrow, the main winning odds of A are 2.5, and the odds of B guest winning are 1.3; and in the next 10 days, country A will face country B again, and the odds offered are different. The odds of A’s main win are 2.0, and B’s away odds are 1.8. The same team has not had any changes yet, but the odds are in such a strange situation. the odds.

(However, the above method is only for data reference, not 100% correct. Don't be too obsessed with this method.)

▪ Cross-comparison of the initial and final market (late market)

When playing the lottery, many players only look at one of the odds of the first game or the last game and make a bet, but in fact, it is very important to compare whether the two odds are consistent with the original positioning of the game result given by the bookmaker, otherwise, likely, the lottery company is just trying to attract players to bet.

The above are the two ways to analyze the lottery for the initial game, but as the event time approaches, the odds value of the initial game will also change due to any state of the team.

To put it simply, if most of the players of the World Football Team you want to bet on today are still playing in the league, the physical factors of the players will become a huge factor, and such teams are less recommended to bet in the initial game; on the contrary, if Teams rest and recuperate before the start of the game to prepare for the start of the World Cup, so the team's accidents will be relatively reduced. Therefore, it is also a good choice to buy the initial market before the game! The main thing is to analyze it carefully, observe the suitable betting method for each team, and then make a bet.

SBOBET Sports How to buy initial bets?

After reading the introduction of the first game and the analysis of related sports lottery, players who are interested in the first game and want to play the world football game lottery as soon as possible should come to SBOBET Sports soon!

Not long ago, SBOBET Sports opened the World Cup market, which is ahead of many sports betting platforms, and it is also one of the few sports lottery companies that have opened the initial market.

1. Register【LUCKY11 Casino】member login, click【Sports Competition】

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LUCKY11 Casino
2. Select 【SBOBET Sports】

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LUCKY11 Casino
3. Search【FIFA – World Cup】in SBOBET Sports

LUCKY11 Casino
LUCKY11 Casino
4. You can choose your favorite team and start your sports betting!

LUCKY11 Casino
LUCKY11 Casino

The above is the basic teaching on how to play the SBOBET sports first game and how to buy lottery games. Players who want to play the first game of World Cup betting, hurry up and register【LUCKY11 Casino】!

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