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Qatar World Cup to coordinate security for Pakistan garrison!

Football hooligans become a hidden danger!
Football hooligans become a hidden danger!

2022 FIFA World Cup fans are not unfamiliar with the term football hooligan. There have been many football hooligans in the history of the World Football Championship. In the last 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia also sent a large number of police forces to maintain the safety of the World Cup. This year's Qatar World Football Championship has made great efforts in Wei'an, setting up tens of thousands of monitors, and prohibiting football hooligans from buying tickets during ticket sales. However, due to the tightness of security personnel, a draft agreement was reached with Pakistan a few days ago, and Pakistani troops were sent to jointly face the safety of the millions of fans who are about to pour in.

A recap of the big events of football hooligans

The term football hooligan is inextricably linked to the sport of football. This phenomenon existed on the ball as early as the 19th century, but it still exists and continues to this day. The most serious hooligan incident in football matches in recent years occurred in the Euro 2016, with nearly 100 injured, and many police officers injured in this incident. It also indirectly caused the topic of many football hooligans in the World Football Championship.

Euro 2016 football hooliganism

At the beginning of June 2016, after the start of the European Cup between the England national team and Russia in the European Cup in France, England fans started to shout because they were too excited, causing residents to be dissatisfied and began to chase and fight each other, causing a man to be beaten to a coma. And another fan suffered a heart attack and four police officers were injured, but the riot was only the first football hooligan incident at Euro 2016.

After the England-Russia group match ended, Russian fans began to vent irrationally, with knives and even beating people. Some Russians tore up the English flag. The scene was out of control for a time, forcing the French authorities to send nearly 2,200 security personnel. To maintain order, these police forces were originally used for terrorist attacks, but unexpectedly they were used in football hooligan incidents. In this football hooligan incident, not only did these two accidents happen, but public opinion and riots continued until the end of the European Cup. It was inevitable to pay attention to the upcoming 2018 Russia World Cup, and what would the conflict between England and Russia be like. develop.

Major events of football hooligans
Major events of football hooligans

Football hooliganism at the World Cup

World football hooligans can be said to have been carried forward in England at that time when more organizations and gangs carried out football hooliganism in the heyday. Therefore, before the 2018 World Cup kicked off, with the lessons learned from the 2016 European Cup, the English government took the lead in detaining the passports of fans with a history of football hooliganism and prohibited them from causing trouble at the World Cup. It is also quite interesting that the local Russian government used the method of "repressing violence with violence" and using local gangsters to train the masses to intimidate football hooligans.

Football hooligan incidents may also extend to unrest between countries. At the 1969 World Cup, Honduras and El Salvador sparked a "football war". To compete for tickets to the World Cup final, the two countries participated in the World Cup Qualifiers in North and Central America in just one month. They faced off three times, and in the end, it was El Salvador who advanced in the third match. However, on the day of the third game, Honduras and El Salvador officially announced their severance of diplomatic relations, and began a two-week war, causing thousands of casualties. The Cup football match also indirectly contributed to the tension between the two countries.

Qatar invites Pakistani troops to secure World Cup

Although Qatar has a small hinterland and a small population, it has spent US$220 billion to build 7 new stadiums, hundreds of hotels, and large-scale transportation construction for the 2022 World Cup, to welcome nearly 50% of the local population. The arrival of the fans.

Nearly 1.5 million fans came to watch the World Cup. The Qatar World Cup not only brought considerable tourism and economic benefits, but also indirectly showed the country's strength to the world, but also brought a lot of security pressure. As the first country to host the World Football Championship in the Middle East, Qatar bears the conservative and traditional style of Islam and has set various regulations for a large number of people from different races and groups, which has also caused a lot of turmoil.

But for the riots and football hooligan incidents in historical football matches, Qatar did not dare to take it lightly. South Korea, which hosted the World Cup football match in June this year, announced that it would send five anti-terror police officers to assist in security work and provide professional training for local military and police personnel. However, the large number of fans led Qatar to make a bilateral agreement with Pakistan. Pakistan recently announced the adoption of the draft agreement, authorizing the Pakistani government to send troops to Qatar to provide security assistance for the upcoming World Football Championship. configuration is not yet known.

Although the problem of football hooligans persists, Qatar does not dare to be careless about the security of the 2022 World Cup. Apart from the many disturbances caused by Qatar's many restrictions, it is also to ensure the safety and stability of fans, players, and residents. We also have to say that because of the constant talk of the World Cup, everyone is looking forward to the coming of the World Cup.

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