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World Cup striker Sadio Mane – How to go from poverty to footballer!

World Cup striker Sadio Mane
World Cup striker Sadio Mane

In addition to Messi, Lewandowski and other well-known stars, do you know Sadio Mane, who is about to play in the World Cup?

Mane is a Senegalese star who only moved to Bayern Munich this summer. This year's 12-yard game in the World Cup qualifying round also brought key points and led the team to the 2022 World Cup. If you are curious about this African power player in the World Cup, then don't miss this article!

Can't afford the ball and don't give up! Persistence in football successfully led him to the World Cup

"Playing football" when Mane was young was a very luxurious thing because his family at the time couldn't even afford a ball, and his biggest responsibility was to go out and earn money to support the whole family. Playing football was for him It's really hard to afford. However, because Mane loves playing football, he is always reluctant to give up. At a certain opportunity, Mane went to a football school for trial training. He was the first to test. Fancy signed the first internship contract to start his football career.

Club Period|Metz & Red Bull Salzburg & Southampton

In the beginning, Mane's strength was not very stable. He played 19 times at the Metz Club. As a starter, he only scored 1 goal. This also made Metz feel dissatisfied with him at first glance, bringing him down to the third tier.

Fortunately, this didn't last long. In the 2012 Olympics, he re-energized himself and made his way to the top 8 with Senegal U23 as the starter. He made a lot of contributions to the team. After that, his performance continued to break through. Red Bull and Southampton played a total of 162 games, scored 70 goals, and made a lot of contributions to the club. In 2016, he landed in Liverpool in the Premier League with a high-value transfer of 34 million euros, becoming the highest transfer player in Africa at that time. dues star.

Club Times|Liverpool & Bayern Munich

After he moved to Liverpool, he met his mentor, Liverpool coach Klopp. Under Klopp's leadership, he entered his golden age. In the past six years alone, he played 269 games and led the team in total. With 120 goals, the results are terrifying, not only bringing good results to the club but also setting a lot of records for himself. Salah won the current African Footballer of the Year and is the second Senegalese national team player to win the title.

In the summer of this year, he moved again and came to Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga. As usual, Mane played his extraordinary strength again. He scored a goal immediately on his debut and defeated his opponent 6:1. Facing the next Bundesliga, it also attracted many fans. Excited about it!

Persistence in football successfully led him to the World Cup
Persistence in football successfully led him to the World Cup
National team period

Of course, as a player of the World Football Team, what fans are most looking forward to at present is the upcoming World Cup football match. Although Senegal, to which he belongs, is lost to football powerhouses such as Argentina or Brazil, Senegal is in the group stage of the World Cup. Group A still has a good chance of qualifying for the top 16.

And Mane is an indispensable main striker on the team. He is also one of the important contributors to Senegal being able to advance in this African qualifier. Can he lead the team to break through the peak and create another miracle in the next World Football Championship??

If you are curious about the real-time news of the event, be sure to follow us at the World Cup 2022!

What you don't know about Mane is that he became a World Cup star, but he still keeps his heart.

However, in addition to Mane on the court, he was admired and paid attention to by many people in private during the competition. Because he did not have a good learning environment when he was young, and his father was because his family was not rich enough and medical equipment was insufficient. , and could not get effective treatment, and eventually faced death. Various reasons made Mane more aware that not only his family but also how much his hometown needs to be seen by the outside world and needs help.

So after he became a first-tier football star, he used most of his salary to build hospitals and schools to improve the overall environment of his hometown, so that those children who had dreams of football or other things would no longer be deterred by poverty. He also said: "I don't need to show high-end RVs or planes. I just hope that the people in my hometown can enjoy a little bit of the grace that life has bestowed upon me."

Become a World Cup superstar still not forgetting the original intention
Become a World Cup superstar still not forgetting the original intention

In 2020, he filmed a documentary, which surprised the outside world. He has always been low-key and kept talking about himself in front of the camera, just because he hoped that more people could see his hometown and let the football media Planet Football tell him about him. Has a very high evaluation "Even if he is a supporter of the enemy team, it is difficult to hate him".

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