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Qatar World Football Group H ▸ Top three strikers in football!

Qatar World Cup Group H
Qatar World Cup Group H

The Qatar World Cup is about to start, and the World Cup group stage must not be missed in Group H. This group can be said to be a showdown between ace scorers. In addition to the World Cup farewell match between Ronaldo and Suarez, there was also the Asian brother Sun Xingmin to join. The battle situation, the three football strikers compete with each other, this group is exciting, plus the love and hatred between the teams in the past, the 2022 World Football Championship analysis topic is highly discussed, who can advance to the World Football Championship top 16 Very worth discussing!

How far can Ronaldo go in the last mile of the Qatar World Cup?

Portugal, which has an absolute position in European football, is full of talent, and even has a legend like Cristiano Ronaldo, but has never been able to win the World Cup. Although Cristiano Ronaldo himself did not express his position, the current Qatar World Football Championship will likely be his closing ceremony. The end of a generation of legends is certainly saddening for many fans. From his recent performance, it is not difficult to see that his performance has gradually declined as he grows older.

Judging from the odds of winning the World Cup, Portugal ranks eighth. In theory, it should not be difficult to break through and enter the top 16 of the World Cup, but today's prospects are unpredictable. The injury cannot heal in a short time. Although the team roster has not yet been released, considering various reasons, it has been determined that Portugal will be absent three strikers in the Qatar World Cup.

At this stage, even if Portugal retains a chance to qualify, it is not difficult to imagine that it will be as tough as the World Cup play-offs.


Older teams, Uruguay advance to Qatar World Cup with experience

In addition to Cristiano Ronaldo, Uruguay's Suarez has surpassed the golden age of players in Group H of the top 32 of the World Football Championship, but he is not the only one. 35 years old, and many players in the team are over 30 years old, it is an older team.

Although he is older, his advantages are also very obvious. Not only are there fewer injured and retired players, but the entire organization has quite a lot of experience in competitions. In recent World Cups, they have successfully qualified from the group stage, and the last one was even harder. In the quarter-finals, I believe that in the Qatar World Football Championship, we can also rely on experience.

Only "revenge" remains in the mind, Ghana's road to revenge is unknown

After seeing the results of the draw for the World Football Team, which will be in the same group as Uruguay, the former Ghana captain said, "I only have revenge in my mind." He even stated that he hoped to be selected for the Qatar World Cup squad. The Ghana national team did not Suarez's malicious "Hand of God" was not forgotten because of time.

At that time, Ghana was close to becoming the first African team to enter the semi-finals of the World Football Championship, but Uruguay striker Suarez used the guard, and finally missed the promotion, thus forming a bad relationship. The people of Ghana will never forget that, although the strength of the team is far inferior to that of the time, there are many talented players, but the team lacks unity, but considering the origin of the two teams, Ghana will not let Uruguay have a better time in the World Cup group stage.

Asia's No.1 Brother turns into a Masked Brother to lead South Korea forward

In addition to the aforementioned Cristiano Ronaldo and Suarez, the team's captain Son Heung-min is also a generation of top stars, and the superb skills he has cultivated at the club now make him known as Asia's first brother. In the last World Cup, South Korea beat Germany 2:0, One of the goals was scored by him. Today, four years later, his skills are more mature. With the addition of Huang Xian, Huang Yizhu, and other European players, there is no shortage of talent in the front line of South Korea.

However, South Korea's problems are as always. There are few candidates other than forwards who can take the lead. There is a lot of chance that the pace of the game will fall on his opponent. In addition, the whole team is full of violence. The atmosphere still exists, and fouls and yellow cards are still in the team occur.

The teams that the Qatar World Football Championship will face are not easy-going, and Sun Xingmin wearing a mask and playing with an injury also adds to the doubts about qualifying for the World Cup.

South Korea
South Korea

The above is the analysis of the World Football Team in Group H of the group stage. Considering many factors, this group is bound to create intense sparks, and it is recommended every time in ESPN's World Cup live broadcast. 【LUCKY11 World Football Championship 2022】It is also highly recommended that you play Luck Games while watching the live broadcast of the World Cup. It is very difficult to decide who will advance to the knockout stage. Who do you think will qualify?

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