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The new Kadar Stadium is full of negative comments! World Cup fans:【do not want to go to the scene】

Qatar's new stadium is full of negative reviews!
Qatar's new stadium is full of negative reviews!

The World Cup has been generating negative news from the start. To launch the 2022 World Cup, a lot of money has been spent on building new stadiums, but the recent league scheduled for the World Cup champion stadium has caused a commotion, causing many spectators to be dissatisfied, receiving overwhelmingly negative reviews, and even fans scolding "world The cup is also like this, and I don’t even think about the scene!”.

With just two months to go before the World Cup kicks off, Qatar must step up to improve the environment before the four-year event becomes an international joke.

Lack of water, high temperature, lack of order, and many hidden worries in the court

What are your thoughts on sitting in a brand new arena?

While eating snacks and drinks, experiencing the comfortable feeling of watching the game, chatting with friends after the game, and leaving the arena reluctantly? Unfortunately, none of the above are available at the recent Lusal Landmark Stadium (the scheduled venue for the World Cup final).

The stadium was opened for the first time a few days ago, and the Lusail Super Cup was held. The fans who came to visit the game were very angry. First of all, the shuttle bus that had been promised at the beginning was not fully implemented, resulting in the fans having to be up to 35. Move from the parking lot to the arena by walking for more than 45 minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. Everyone knows that you must replenish water in hot weather. Unfortunately, due to safety issues, your water bottle will be taken away before entering the stadium. You cannot drink the water you bring, even if you want to buy it after entering the stadium. It is because the supply is insufficient to buy at all, and eventually a large number of fans are dehydrated, and there are even children.

The problem is not only that, some fans still take 20 minutes to find the toilet following the signs in the stadium; other fans report that the stadium is humid and high temperature but there is no air conditioning. Malfunction; there was no order when entering and exiting the stadium, so there were sporadic conflicts among fans; the ambulance arrived at the scene and could not find a parking place, could not park in a proper position, and scurry around the stadium.

Fans don't want to watch the World Cup⁈ Qatar: This is a valuable experience

All the fans did not have a good impression of the game due to various problems in the stadium. Some local fans directly said to the media, "If this is still the case during the World Cup, I don't want to watch the game live!".

According to calculations, 2.45 million tickets for the World Football Team have been sold so far, and at least 1.2 million people will flock to Qatar, a small country with a small population, to watch the World Cup before and after the start of the World Cup group stage. 2.88 million.

Negative comments came surging, and the person in charge of the Qatar World Football Championship expressed: This competition is held to make the 2022 World Cup go smoothly. The entire team has gained invaluable experience and will be able to seamlessly integrate with the World Football Championship in the future.

However, it has been recently reported by the media that a large area in the Qatari capital is rushing to work, and those migrant workers who have not been treated well are still working hard to catch up with the upcoming World Cup.

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