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World Cup players are afraid! Qatar Hotel does not take FIFA into account!

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Human rights issues in Qatar
Human rights issues in Qatar

Qatar, the host country of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, is the first Middle Eastern country to host the World Cup. Because Middle Eastern countries are generally conservative and do not pay attention to the human rights issues of women and homosexuality, this has always been a controversial issue for many football fans around the world. topic of.

In recent years, LGBT awareness has been on the rise in the world. Qatar's national conditions do not conform to the general thinking of today's society. Even with the guarantee of the World Football Championship, there are still many people who are dissatisfied with Qatar for hosting the 2022 World Cup, and some players even expressed their refusal. Going to the competition, although FIFA promises that same-sex couples have the right to stay in Qatar's hotels, there are still restaurants that are unwilling to cooperate. The Qatar World Cup is still far from a pluralistic society.


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There are many disputes over human rights in Qatar! Gay death penalty news: Players fear or even refuse to play!

The CEO of the 2022 FIFA World Cup assured fans of all genders, sexual orientations, religions, and races that "Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world and everyone is welcome to come to Qatar." But he stated that "I hope the outside world will respect Qatar." Da culture". Since Qatar was selected as the host country of the World Cup, the issue of human rights has been discussed. As an Islamic country in the Middle East, Qatar is very conservative in terms of women's rights and homosexuality, which is very different from the mainstream thinking in today's society.

Among them, homosexuality is illegal in Qatar, causing many gay fans to dare not go to the game. According to the Sun, the England national team coach is very worried that women and gays visiting Qatar to watch the game may threaten their rights and interests. Because of the issue of women and homosexuals, Beckham, who spoke for Kada, was criticized by the outside world. This shows that many people are skeptical about whether Qatar can implement the content of the guarantee.

Even the players have doubts about Qatar. Australian football player Josh Cavallo said after his coming-out declaration: "I have read some articles that Qatar will impose the death penalty on homosexuals, which makes me very scared and reluctant to go to Qatar for the World Cup." However, Australia will need to compete in the World Cup qualifying game in the future to know if it can participate in the tournament, and whether it will participate is still unknown.

Human rights issues in Qatar
Human rights issues in Qatar

Don't take FIFA in your eyes? World Cup partner hotel does not accept gays!

Not only the CEO, but FIFA has also committed to gays and lesbians, guaranteeing that they can stay in the 69 hotels that the Qatar World Cup cooperates with. But there are still 3 restaurants that do not take FIFA seriously and do not plan to cooperate. Among the cooperative hotels, 20 said that they would not be allowed to stay in public with homosexual acts, while another 33 hotels said that they were completely fine with accepting homosexuals. The so-called "homosexual behavior" refers to what kind of behavior is somewhat confusing.

Among the 203 countries calculated by this year’s LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Index, Qatar ranks 190th, showing that Qatar is still not suitable for LGBT people to travel to, and the rainbow flag brought to Qatar to support LGBT will also be officially confiscated, plus alcohol The ban will be an unbearable World Cup for many fans around the world.

Unheard of! For the first time, a woman will officiate a World Cup!

Although not as serious as in Qatar, men and women in the world of football have not been equal, such as unequal pay, stricter dress requirements than men's football, etc. FIFA has added three female referees and three female assistant referees to the World Cup. It is unheard of for women to enforce the World Cup. FIFA believes that the level of law enforcement should be emphasized, and hopes that Let women referees appear in men's football matches for granted.

Referee Stephanie Fraparte, who has been law enforcement in previous World Cup qualifiers, became the first female referee in the world to help in a World Cup qualifier.

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