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France can't win the 2022 World Cup?! The main force Pogba retires!

France can't win 2022 World Cup
France can't win 2022 World Cup

France, which won the Hercules Cup in the 2018 World Cup and is determined to defend the World Cup champion throne, ran into big trouble when the World Cup was less than 110 days away. The main player Pogba is injured and is likely to be unable to participate in the World Cup 2022. Not only that, but the recent events have gone from bad to worse, and the dream of becoming a world football champion will be fading away. Will France be able to overcome the curse at the World Football Championship?

No longer the light of the past? ! France's strength declines since winning the title

France picked up another star in the 2018 World Cup and successfully won the championship. Although the 2020 European Cup was in the death group, even Hungary, which was the worst in the group, failed to win, and then failed to live up to expectations. A year later, the European World Cup qualifiers performed poorly. Although they achieved an unbeaten score of 8 games, 5 wins, and 3 draws, their performance could not stay in the fans' minds.

In the recent UEFA Nations League, the original strength has not been seen at all. They have not won for four consecutive games. Even Denmark, who will face them in the group stage of the World Cup, seems to have not tried their best. The strength of the French national team said, "Although the UEFA Nations League is an official game, I see it as a preparation for the World Cup, where players use different formations and practice for players." UEFA is relegated because of this, is the price equal? Fans are even more worried that France will face the 2022 World Cup group stage with a recent low momentum.

Frequent problems in the team's locker room, coach Deschamps has to rectify

France's strong strength has also become a hidden worry for the team's defeat, and many people are not surprised that France will have its current end. Since the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the team has frequently reported the problem of harmony in the locker room. Among them, there was coaxing, shirking responsibility, and chaos in the locker room. The root cause of the defeat in the European Cup must be due to over-confidence, but the players still have time to quarrel. Coach Deschamps will try to solve this, trying to bring the team together. Get back on track.

Although France, which is in Group D of the top 32 in the World Cup, is ahead of other teams in the same group, it is very likely that it will be wiped out just like Germany four years ago due to its recent slump and will not be able to advance to the World Cup round of 16.

France forced to face World Cup spell as Pogba retires

But the curse of the World Cup continued to approach France, preventing them from defending their World Cup title. There is big bad news recently. Paul Pogba, who contributed a lot to the World Cup four years ago, suffered a meniscus injury in his right knee. He can choose to take a risk with a top injury, but talented France is likely to make the coach not let him play in the last 32 of the World Cup and choose to use his famous player. This is a more conservative approach, although it is difficult to find Pogba's Substitute, hiring an injured person is too risky for the team and the player.

Of course, Pogba can also choose to have surgery to solve the underlying problem. Considering the rehabilitation period after the operation, it will be determined that he cannot participate in this quadrennial event.

Main force Pogba retires
Main force Pogba retires

Pogba is almost certain that he will not be able to participate in the World Cup, which has a great impact on France. He can bring a variety of creativity to the team's offense and can organize the offense. Although France, the favorite to win the championship, has no shortage of people, it is necessary to find a replacement. It is still too difficult for a strong midfielder like Pogba. In addition, the important midfielder, Engro Kante, cannot be as active as in the past due to his age. Many fans are worried about the French midfielder. So break down.

At present, the player who can replace Pogba is Aurelion Cao Yavin. He is only 22 years old, but he was transferred to Real Madrid for a high transfer fee of 100 million euros. I think I can still look forward to him. future growth.

Spain, the 2010 World Cup champion, and Germany, the 2014 World Cup champion, were forced to face the curse of the World Football Championship, and they couldn't even cross the group stage. Now, this curse is gathering momentum. It may be quite difficult to successfully defend the title in the World Football Championship.

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