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Understand the football field in seconds | Player configuration

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

【 Football World Cup 2022 】
【 Football World Cup 2022 】

Previously, we 【World Cup 2022】 introduced the football player's back number, and many times the number reflects the player's location. The team usually chooses the right player according to the strategy and decides his position in the game. The most classic example is that the world football star Messi will play wing, striker, or attacking midfielder in different tactics.

Today, I will introduce the football position, so that you can no longer understand the player configuration map when watching the World Football Championship!

Regarding the position of the players, it can be roughly divided into four positions: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward. There are different classifications for further subdivisions. The following is a detailed introduction from the goalkeeper.


Article Directory:

  1. The last line of defense of each team in the World Football Team-【 Goalkeeper 】

  2. Contact Persons of World Football Teams -【 Midfielder 】

  3. World Football Team's top scorers -【 Striker 】

  4. What are the squads of the World Football Team?

【Football Station】
【Football Station】

⚽ The last line of defense of each team in the World Football Team-【 Goalkeeper 】

Goalkeepers are also called goalkeepers. I think this position is the most commonly known, usually, the goalkeeper is very specialized in this position, not very likely to play other roles, and normally the goalkeeper does not leave the box to participate in the attack.

The goalkeeper must be the most recognizable one in the team photo of the World Cup because the goalkeeper's jersey design must be able to distinguish it from other players.

• Center-back

The central defender, also known as the central defender, is the central defender in front of the goalkeeper and between the left and right defenders in the stance table, which is the center of defense of the entire team.

For example, Pepe in the Portugal World Cup list is a well-known central defender.

• full-back

Full backs are divided into left and right, namely left-back (left-back) and right-back (right-back). In the stance table, they will stand diagonally in front of the goalkeeper, because they not only need to defend but also need to attack. Runs and responds to the situation in real-time, so it requires a lot of physical fitness.

Alfonso Davies, who was previously introduced, is the left-back.

• Wingback

Wingbacks, also known as side midfielders and side midfielders, usually appear in a formation with 5 midfielders. They have to do the same things as fullbacks. The difference is that they have more offensive ability. However, in modern terms, Usually, midfielders, full-backs, etc. are responsible for the position of wing-back.

Defender - Pepe - [Football Position] What do you think of the World Football formation? How to Understand the Players' Configuration on the Football Field in Seconds - Pepe - [Football Positions] What do you think of the World Football formation? Understand the configuration of players on the football field in seconds

Defender - Pepe
Defender - Pepe

⚽ Contact Persons of World Football Teams -【 Midfielder 】

The midfielder is responsible for the connection between the forward and the defender. It is a very important role. The main job is to control the ball, intercept the opponent's ball, create offensive opportunities, and even score goals alone. Therefore, players in midfield must have excellent ball control, passing, ball protection, and dribbling abilities. The number of midfielders is not always fixed. According to different tactics, it is usually 3 to 5 people, which can be subdivided into the following types:

• Back waist

Also known as defensive midfield. As the name suggests, he is a full-time defensive midfielder who usually intercepts the opponent's ball and passes it to his teammates. Therefore, the midfielder must have very good interception skills and the physical strength to run back and forth on the court.

• Front waist

Also known as attacking midfield. As the name suggests, he is a full-time attacking midfielder. The main responsibility is to create opportunities for the striker, or even to shoot himself. Like the characteristics of midfielders, the attacking midfielder must also have a very good passing ability.

The previously introduced Pedri is the central midfielder or attacking midfielder, and one of the positions that the famous world football star Messi is good at is the attacking midfielder.

• Backward Organizing Core / All-round Organizing Core

The two positions are somewhat similar but very different. The playmaker's position is usually in front of the midfield. It is necessary to have good creativity and the ability to read the game and to create offensive opportunities through these two abilities. The former focuses on long passing ability and higher defensive ability; the latter focuses on short passing ability and higher offensive ability.

Midfielder - Modric
Midfielder - Modric

⚽ World Football Team's top scorers -【 Striker 】

Players in the position of striker play an important role in attacking and must be a key player in scoring. Many football stars in the world are generally recognized as strikers. The scope of action is of course the frontcourt. Positioning and shooting skills are very important. The number of forwards is not fixed. According to different tactics, it is usually 1 to 3 people, which can be subdivided into the following types:

• Center

The back number is No. 9. Players in this position usually have strong heads and are often required to have good heading ability.

Harry Kane of the England national team and Suarez of the Uruguay national team are well-known stars who stand in the center.

• Shadow striker

Also known as Shadow Front, also known as the 9th and a half. Considered the second striker, the position is probably between the center and the midfielder, but the player position of the shadow front is not fixed, and some people think that the shadow front can be defined as a midfielder. Very demanding dribbling, passing skills, offensive situation control ability, but also must have the ability to score goals alone.

World Football Germany's Thomas Muller is the player in this position.

• wing

Also called a winger. Mainly attacking the sides, because of the position of the action, some people will think that the winger is part of the midfield. Wing forwards often need to get rid of the opponent's wingback and pass to teammates, so speed, dribbling skills, and passing ability are very important.

There are many well-known figures in the wing, such as Ronaldo, Neymar, South Korean captain Son Heung-min, and Beckham, the spokesperson of the World Football Championship, who was also a well-known wing.

Striker - Benzema
Striker - Benzema

What are the squads of the World Football Team?

Whether it is the results of the world football matches or the prediction analysis of the world football before the game, many times you will see a series of numbers written on the team's formation, which can be called the football formation. The numbers must be counted from the defenders. For example, the common "4-3-3 formation" refers to "4 defenders-3 midfielders-3 forwards"; there are also "4-4-1-1 formation". "Formula" refers to "4 defenders - 4 midfielders - 1 forward - 1 forward", and the forwards in this situation will not stand in parallel rows.

The above is the introduction of football positions. Although each position has its position or task, it will still be slightly adjusted according to the coach's instructions during the game, and there is no absolute basis.

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