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Are online lottery analyses fake? Read the handicap and increase your odds instantly!

Understand the handicap and the winning rate will increase instantly!
Understand the handicap and the winning rate will increase instantly!

As the 2022 World Cup is approaching, the Internet is full of sports lottery discussion forums or sports lottery analysis by so-called "analysts", but you will always hear that some people bet based on these analysis data and lose miserably, fearing The credibility of these sports lottery analyses.

So this article will reveal the reasons behind the tragic loss and share a simple lottery analysis method for you - watching the lottery from the football handicap so that your World Cup betting can instantly increase the winning rate!

The biggest reason for playing the lottery with experts and losing money

Players who play the lottery usually say that they have a limited understanding of the team when they hear their analysis of the lottery, and they are not like those analysts who can grasp more details such as player data and game records, but players have found that even these Analysts know all about this, so why do players still lose in the end?

This article will not discuss whether analysts have the possibility of fraud. Generally, lottery analysts can only provide players with lottery data analysis and recommend betting directions for each event. The precise odds trend and the player's choice of lottery game play, the ultimate control is still in the hands of the player; in addition, many players intuitively choose popular events when betting on lottery games, no matter how well this type of event is analyzed, The risk itself is still very high, of course, if you are not careful, there will be a tragic loss.

The main reason why these popular games lose money is that many fans will be influenced by factors such as their love for popular teams, unconsciously and blindly believe in popular teams, and subconsciously bet on strong teams, but this type of bet is not The basic games such as no handicap or lottery single game are usually dominated by no handicap and in-field betting, but these odds are also more variable than the basic game, and in the closing market You can't predict how much the odds will change the moment before.

It is not a dream to understand the game handicap and become a master of lottery analysis

Take Brazil v.s Cameroon, a popular event of the upcoming World Cup football match this year, for example.

If the betting station offers Brazil (-1) v.s Cameroon at the opening, the odds are 2.5, that is, as long as Brazil beats Cameroon 2:0, the game can be profitable; but because this game is too popular, the more people Betting on Brazil, the betting shop will also adjust the odds accordingly, it becomes a situation similar to Brazil (-3) v.s Cameroon, the odds are 3.0, Brazil must win 4 (inclusive) points or more before the player can make a profit. Splits are much riskier for players.

However, very few players will bet at the opening of the market, and they often observe for a while or wait until the bet is about to close. At this time, the handicap is not as beautiful as the one opened by Yuanben, but it is high-risk. Variables, which is the main reason why this site does not recommend choosing popular events in the handicap.

But if you don't choose these popular events, do you want to choose unpopular events?

As long as the handicap is within a reasonable range and the change is within the normal range, it is enough to find the match market.

For example, in general, there are competitions with a disparity in strength (but the stronger side must not be a football powerhouse, but it is more prominent in comparison), such competitions may not be playable in general gameplay, but in handicap. It is different in the game. According to the handicap ratio opened by the lottery betting station, players will start to guess whether the stronger side can win so many points, and some players will choose to bet on the weaker side. The number of bets is relatively average, and there will not be a situation where the number of bets is one-sided. The odds of such an event and the fluctuation of the handicap will be relatively small. Compared with betting on popular games, it is more beneficial to players!

The above is the teaching of how to watch the lottery analysis from the football handicap without handicap. Of course, there is no fixed answer on how to buy the lottery. No one can be 100% sure who will win the game. Instead of relying on various online information Master, it is better to study the types of lottery games, analyze sports events, find the most suitable game for you, and then make lottery betting the best policy!

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