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【Offside】Semi-automatic judgment technology coming soon!

【Football Technology】
【Football Technology】

In the past, in the World Football Championships, the judgments of violations such as yellow cards, red cards, and offsides have always been decided by the referees. Even though the World Cup has a history of many years, only the VAR Room has been used as an auxiliary until today, but this year There is a great possibility that the semi-automatic offside determination technology will be introduced in Qatar World Cup. Using this technology, it can more quickly and effectively determine whether the world football players are offside fouls so that the determination of the World Cup matches can be more fair and just.


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What is the VAR Room?

Of course, I believe that some fans who are new to the world football team are not very familiar with the VAR Room, so before introducing the offside semi-automatic determination technology, 【LUCKY11】will first talk about what is the VAR Room.

The VAR Room used today was officially launched in the World Football Championship in 2018, using film and television as referee assistance. This technology will not be located on the scene, but will be transmitted to the International Broadcasting Center via optical fiber, and contact the referee on the spot. Make the most reasonable decision, but the final result is still decided by the referee. These technologies will be tools to assist the referee to make a more fair decision.

Extended by VAR Room《Offside Semi-Automatic Judgment Technology》

At the beginning of offside, the judgment was also made through the VAR Room. Although the principle seems to be very simple at first glance, it is still a waste of time to judge with the naked eye. It is necessary to analyze the position of the players and whether they have any influence or Interfering with the game. If there is an auxiliary judgment line directly on the screen to distinguish the boundary between the goalkeeper and the goalkeeper, it will be easier to judge, and this is the biggest reason for the development of offside semi-automatic judgment technology.

The former international referee and current chairman of the FIFA Referee Committee said: "We know that sometimes offside judgments, especially if the situation is very small, not only takes a lot of time to bring up the video and complete the discussion, but also the positioning of the line. May not be 100% accurate."

Offside Semi-Automatic Judgment Technology
Offside Semi-Automatic Judgment Technology

The reason why the offside semi-automatic determination technology can bring great convenience is that this technology uses multiple cameras to monitor, and detects the movements of 29 parts of the player from head to toe every 50 seconds, and then transmits the data back to the VAR Room. Allow all monitors to confirm the exact movement of each player in time, and send it back to the judges as quickly as possible.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will introduce semi-automatic offside determination technology?

This method has already been tried in the 2021 Arab Cup. After that, England, Spain, Germany, and other regions have also begun to improve. If the test goes well in the future, there will be a great possibility to introduce it in the Qatar World Cup.

Such changes will bring great changes to the conduct and broadcast of the World Football Championship. As the trap tactics are becoming more and more varied, using this technology will greatly reduce the chance of misjudgment by the referee, reduce the controversy, and minimize the risk of misjudgment. It may prevent the referee from being bribed.

Even in the future, as long as the offside semi-automatic determination technology is more advanced, it will no longer be a problem if you want to see the current situation of the game through the screen broadcast. However, some people still say that because of the birth of new technology, the game is caused by people. As a result, fewer problems are created and people lose the "entertainment" that comes from arguing wrongly. Blatter added: "Other sports will change the rules for new technology, and we will keep football by not doing so. Glamour and Pop".

However, the above are only the side words of a small number of people. Most people still hope that more technologies to help match judgment will appear as soon as possible so that the competition can be more fair and just.

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