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Morocco's coach was sacked for the third time before the World Cup soccer tournament!

Moroccan coach sacked for the third time ahead of World Cup soccer tournament
Moroccan coach sacked for the third time ahead of World Cup soccer tournament

The head coach of the Moroccan national team has been sacked less than 100 days before the start of the World Cup. On the Internet, it was inferred that he abandoned some Moroccan players to attack the World Football Championship 2022, failing to reach a consensus with the Football Association, and was forced to sack before the start of the World Football League. But this is the third time the World Cup coach has been sacked shortly before the World Cup group stage.

Dispute with players and let go again World Cup

The "former" Moroccan coach, Vahid Halilodzic, has led different teams from the World Cup qualifiers to the World Cup matches many times in the past. He is by no means incapable of coaching. Morocco headed to Qatar for the World Cup, with Wahid Halilodzic still stripped of his head coaching title.

There were signs of this incident as early as the World Cup qualifiers in Africa when Wahid Halilodzic refused to hire Hakim Ziyech and Nusser Mazrawi. The Moroccan star, the former even said that as long as he is still teaching in the national team, he will never fight for his country.

Hakim Ziyech is nothing more than the best player in Morocco today. He was expelled from the national roster as a star because he had cheated on the national team during the training camp and was late for training, which angered the coach. In the face of this embarrassing situation, the Moroccan Football Association is franker with the stars, causing the title of the coach to crumble.

Now, although the Moroccan Football Association has not directly stated why the coach was fired, it only said that "there were differences with Vahid Halilodzic in the preparations for the World Football Championship, and the two sides failed to reach a consensus", but it is not difficult for netizens to guess. The reason for this is the appointment of two-star players. Some people pointed out that because Morocco fell into Group F of the World Cup group stage, Croatia, Belgium, and Canada in the same group had a very small chance of qualifying for the top 16 of the World Football Championship. Therefore, the Football Association hopes to call on all the strong players to return to the team. Increase win rate.

Three times dismissed as coach before the start of the World Cup

Wahid Halilodzic and this is the third time he was fired shortly before the start of the World Cup. Similar situations happened when he coached Ivory Coast in 2010 and Japan in 2018. In addition, he coached Algeria in 2014. He was almost fired at the time, so some media said he was cursed.

2010 World Cup - Ivory Coast

At that time, Ivory Coast had a good record in the 2010 World Cup qualifiers. The outside world was very optimistic about the team led by Vahid Halilodzic. Unexpectedly, they lost in the African Cup in early 2010, causing national dissatisfaction. In the end, the Ivory Coast Football Association was in He was fired 104 days before the start of the World Cup, but the team did not go smoothly after firing him. In the group stage of the World Cup, the team was included in the group of death, and met the strong Brazil and Portugal and ended in the round of 32.

2018 FIFA World Cup - Japan

The 2018 World Cup also led Japan to write good results in the World Cup qualifiers and successfully advanced to the World Football Championship, but then led the team to compete in the East Asian Football Championship, but was bloodbath by the Korean team due to employment problems, causing strong dissatisfaction in the Japanese football world, and then led the team to compete in the East Asian Football Championship. Several of his warm-up games were also mediocre, prompting the Japan Football Association to fire him 66 days before the World Cup. But unlike Ivory Coast, Japan not only advanced to the last 16 of the World Cup but also wrote an unforgettable good result.

Being forced to retire in the middle of coaching in Japan made Wahid Halilodzic invite Japan to fight. Japanese coach Moribaoichi responded that if he met in the World Cup 2022 knockout round, Japan would also win. But now the two coaches have been unable to face off in the World Cup.

Three times dismissed as coach before the start of the World Cup
Three times dismissed as coach before the start of the World Cup

Wahid Khalilozic's coaching style is very distinctive, and his outspoken personality has led to a lot of public opinions refuting his style. Although he can use his actual performance to stop the media's mouth most of the time, The football field is constantly changing, and tactics sometimes fail. The two teams that fired him earlier turned out to be very different, and it's interesting to wonder how Morocco will play out.

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