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Inventory of those bleak stars who missed the World Cup football stage!

Those bleak stars who missed the World Cup stage
Those bleak stars who missed the World Cup stage

When it comes to the popular stars of the 2022 World Cup, everyone must first think of the bright stars such as Messi and Ronaldo, but in fact, there are far more powerful players in world football than them, but some world football players often miss it. The opportunity to be on the World Cup stage cannot be a shining star. For this year, Haaland and Salah are both good examples, so today【Football World Cup 2022】will introduce this year's World Cup. The missing strength player in the football match!

Egypt's king laser pen incident 2022 FIFA World Cup

Mohamed Salah

Salah can be said to be the biggest legacy player in world football. Anyone who has heard his name should know that he has an extraordinary position in football. He won the Premier League Golden Boot Award and was shortlisted for this year's Golden Ball Award. . It is a pity that Egypt's performance in the World Cup has not been too bright. This year, it also missed the qualification due to the laser pen incident, so it is not easy to see Mohamed Salah in the World Cup, but Salah It is still the biggest booster in the Egyptian national team, so as long as he has not retired, it is still possible to see him in the World Cup!

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah

Italian upset, Chiellini can only say goodbye to the World Cup

Giorgio Chiellini

The one I want to introduce next is Giorgio Chiellini, the former captain of the national team from Italy who was unexpectedly out of the tournament this year. Many people may have the impression that he is a good player on the Italian national team. He has always had outstanding achievements in the World Football Team and the club and even led Italy to the European Cup several times.

Although his skills and strength have different reactions, his injury and absence record is unexpectedly high. He has missed at least 20 games in the Juventus club in 15 years, and the worst was in 2014. In the World Cup in 2008, he was bitten by Uruguay's striker Suarez, so he missed the World Cup. In the next two years, Italy was absent again and again due to the poor physical condition of many members of the team and the lack of green and yellow. At the age of 38, Chiellini entered the late stage of his playing career. In June this year, he announced his official withdrawal from the national team and missed the World Cup.

Has super strength, but never entered the World Cup because of his nationality

Emeric Aubameyang

If you are paying attention to football news, you should know that Barcelona has been making a lot of noise recently to register players! And Aubameyang is the player that Barcelona will sell this time, but even if he seems to be abandoned by Barcelona, he is not a good player. He has scored more than 200 goals in his career. His strength is It is obvious to all, so why haven't we seen him in the World Cup so far?

It is because he has dual nationality of France and Gabon that he did not choose the French national team in the World Football Team. In the footsteps of his father and brother, he chose to play in the Gabon World Football National Team. Therefore, he has been unable to emerge in the World Football Championship. It is really difficult to be on the national team, so he officially announced his retirement from the national team after he scored his 30th goal this year.

Emeric Aubameyang
Emeric Aubameyang

Do your best for the national team but fail to qualify for the World Cup

Erin Harland

The last person to introduce is Haaland, who just moved to Manchester City a while ago. Fans who only watch the World Cup may be a little unfamiliar with him, but his recent performance can be said to be very dazzling. Not long ago In the English Premier League, which was also his debut in Manchester City, he directly scored 2 goals on the spot and finally defeated the opponent 2-0. Immediately after the game, he was named the best player on the spot in the Premier League.

Of course, out of his outstanding performance in the club, he is not far behind in the Norwegian national team. He scored 5 goals for Norway in the World Cup qualifiers. It can be said that he has a scoring record in every game. The national team did not qualify for the World Cup in the end, but if they work harder in the future, there may be a chance to see Haaland in the World Cup.

The above is an introduction to the four stars who cannot appear in the World Football Championship this year. Although two of them have announced that they will retire from the national team, they are not retired from football, so they can still be seen in club events. their figures.

And I believe that smart readers will find that in fact, one of the reasons why these powerful players cannot emerge in the World Football Championship is that their respective national teams are not the world football powerhouses, which is a bit of a pity. The national team that Lin Haaland is working for is not a team in the latter stage. I believe that in the future, it is not impossible to see them in the 2026 World Cup!

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