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MIT jerseys become the light of Taiwan! Can you win the World Cup without playing?

MIT jerseys become the light of Taiwan!
MIT jerseys become the light of Taiwan!

On the world map, there is a small island and country, that is Taiwan. Taiwan's football strength is so weak that it is difficult to shine in the international arena. Even one-day football fans who only watch the World Cup once in four years know this well. But in fact, Taiwan has been quietly working hard behind the scenes and has even been called the World Football Champion.

do you know? In 2010, the jerseys of 9 teams were made in Taiwan. In 2018, half of the teams in the 2018 World Cup can see Taiwan's technology. Although most of the teams in the 2022 World Cup have not yet announced their jerseys, from the past football peripherals. In terms of products, we can expect to see MIT at the Qatar World Cup.

A football player can withstand even 1000ml of sweat in a game. The infinite charm of environmental protection yarn

According to statistics, players will sweat at least 1000ml per game in the World Football Championship. If the sweating effect of the jerseys worn by the players is not good, they will gradually feel heavier and more stuffy, and they will inevitably suffer. Affect the game. To solve the problem, many manufacturers use "environmentally friendly yarn" produced by Far East New Textile.

According to the manufacturer, each jersey is made of about 7 to 8 recycled plastic bottles, which are crushed into yarns. These environmentally friendly yarns are made of plastic fibers. The jerseys have excellent perspiration and ventilation effects, and It has elasticity and can withstand the pulling of players during the game, and the lightweight material just happens to make the players comfortable to wear. Coupled with the collection of seamless sewing technology that Taiwan is proud of, the jersey can reduce the friction caused by the body. Discomfort.

Due to the hot climate in Qatar, the amount of sweat per game of the World Football Team in 2022 is estimated to be as high as 3000ml. I believe that the sweat-wicking technology of the jersey will be tested more at that time.

Soccer players sweat 1000ml a game can also withstand
Soccer players sweat 1000ml a game can also withstand

The jersey wins the championship! MIT figures can be seen everywhere in the World Football Championship, and players like it when they wear it

In the 2014 World Cup, 10 teams wore jerseys made of Taiwan's environmentally friendly yarn fabrics, and 9 of them had 100% MIT jerseys. At that time, foreign media commented "Taiwan won the World Football Championship, Not on the pitch, but in the dressing room."

In the subsequent 2018 World Cup, at least half of the jerseys of the 32 teams used this fabric. Four of the jerseys of the teams sponsored by Nike, the two major jersey manufacturers, were all 100% made in Taiwan, and the jerseys of the teams sponsored by Adidas Team 12 purchased fabrics from Taiwanese manufacturers for outsourcing.

One of the jerseys sponsored by Nike is England. While celebrating England's 28-year violation and entering the semi-finals of the World Cup, the British official did not forget to praise the players for this technological crystallization.

We believe that the light of Taiwan can still shine in the World Cup 2022!

The designated ball for the 2018 FIFA World Cup - "TV Star 18" has a feature that the ball has a chip embedded in it, and its technology comes from Taiwan. Soccer shoe lasts and soles tailored for top players are often provided by Taiwan. Even the often overlooked football pads that protect players are made in Taiwan.

It can be found that Taiwan has played a very important role in the world football team. Although the team failed to enter the world football group stage, it can also benefit from these manufacturers who develop football technology.

Although almost all of the teams in the World Cup 2022 have yet to announce their jerseys, according to the trend of the previous two editions, I believe that I can expect to see these Taiwanese lights at the Qatar World Cup.

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