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World Football Group C team analysis ▸ Messi vs Lewandowski, a strong duel is imminent!

Messi vs Lewandowski
Messi vs Lewandowski

The World Football Championship will start in a month. I believe everyone is familiar with the top 32 of the World Football Championship. Among them, Group C is the highlight of this time, because the World Football Team Argentina will face Poland, which means football The two stars Messi and Lewandowski will face each other, which will make many fans excited, but what else is worth paying attention to in Group C of the World Cup group stage?

The following will bring you the analysis of the World Football Team in Group C

World Football Group C Teams and Highlights Analysis

The biggest highlight of World Football Group C | Messi V.S Lewandowski, the battle of the century

The primary focus of watching the Group C group match should be Argentina against Poland! Although there is a gap in the strength of the teams between Poland and Argentina, and the outside world is not optimistic about Poland, the team's powerful striker Lewandowski cannot be ignored. In recent years, he has not only won the Footballer of the Year but also set various records. Winning Argentina, but seeing Messi and Lewandowski fight, many fans are excited.

Can Argentina win the World Cup title?

When it comes to the most popular matchup in this group, is Argentina, which is also the last World Cup of the well-known and powerful star Messi. There have always been ball critics that Argentina's back dugout is likely to cause offense and defense problems. In this year's competition, Argentina has set an unbeaten record of 32 games from the World Football Qualifiers in the Americas to the European Champions Cup.

America's tycoon Mexico fights to advance, Poland may face the crisis of elimination

Mexico, who is in Group C this year, should be forgotten by many fans, right?

However, they are very likely to win second place in the group. Mexico, as a powerhouse in the Americas region of the World Cup, in this World Cup qualifying match, Mexico won the qualification early with 8 wins, 4 and 2 losses, and the players in the team The overall strength is stable, but unfortunately, the middle road is slightly inferior, and the chain always falls at the critical moment. Therefore, in the record, Mexico has often stopped in the top 16 of the World Football Championship, but it still has a certain strength in football and wants to win this group stage. The promotion qualification should also not be difficult.

Mexico's American powerhouse fights to qualify, Poland in danger of elimination
Mexico's American powerhouse fights to qualify, Poland in danger of elimination

On the contrary, it was Poland in this group match. Due to the attention given to the battle between the two popular stars, many fans forgot that Poland’s strength in the World Cup is only moderate, and in the past, they often went home early in the group match. , the biggest reason is that the players in Poland, except for Lewandowski, are relatively average or average. Although it is said that Poland's overall level is much better than before under the leadership of Lewandowski, it is also because of the above reasons that Poland has a "one-man ball". To get rid of the one-man team and qualify for the promotion, Poland is bound to have to work hard in the positions of midfielder and defender.

Saudi Arabia's promotion is slim, a round tour has become a fact.

And Saudi Arabia should have little hope in this World Cup small football match group C, not to mention whether he has a chance to compete with Argentina, just facing Poland and Mexico is hard enough, and he has How to win the second place in the group? Even though Saudi Arabia is considered a strong team in Asia, its world ranking is only 53. If you want to compare with Argentina and other powerhouses, there is no chance of winning. It is expected to become the bottom team.

World Cup Group C Odds Prediction

The above is the team analysis of Group C. According to the analysis of foreign sports lottery, the World Football Championship 2022 provides fans with the winning odds of the above four national teams for reference:

Argentina → +650

Mexico → +15000

Poland → +12500

Saudi Arabia → +75000

It is not difficult to see that Argentina is bound to qualify, and this World Cup group stage is basically unable to pose a threat to him, but Poland and Mexico are inseparable, and as the above team analysis said, Mexico's overall advantage is still A bit higher than Poland, Poland needs to change the team to qualify; and Saudi Arabia, like the above, has a slim chance of qualifying.

The above World Cup winning odds predictions are only for reference at this stage. If any unexpected events occur before the start of the game, it may affect the odds and the outcome. If you want to know more about the analysis of the 2022 World Cup, then lock us in!

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