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World Cup Group C Analysis ▸ Messi vs Lewandowski Battle of the Century!

World Cup Group C Analysis
World Cup Group C Analysis

The 2022 World Cup is about to kick off in November! In addition to the much-anticipated Brazil national team, World Football Argentina and World Football Poland in Group C are even more of a focus, because World Cup topic stars Messi and Lewandowski will face each other in this World Cup group stage. Let the fans be excited and curious about what sparks the two superstars will create.

The following FIFA World Cup 2022 brings you an analysis of the top 32 World Cup Group C teams now!

Can Argentina, the biggest favorite to win the title, continue to set an unbeaten record?

First of all, the team that fans are most looking forward to this time should be Argentina, and it is also one of the most popular teams in world football team. However, Argentina did not perform well in the World Cup qualifiers last year. The biggest reason is that the overall strength of the Argentine national team is not average enough. Won the European Champions Cup this year and set an unbeaten record of 32 games, so that the outside world once again regained confidence in the Argentine national team. And many people speculate that this World Cup will be Messi's last, plus Messi has not won any World Cup trophies in his career, and the meaning must be even more different for him.

Biggest favourites Argentina
Biggest favourites Argentina

The biggest highlight of the top 32 group C of the World Football Championship Messi and Lewandowski will stage a strong duel

Of course, the most important thing for the loyal fans in this group match is the Argentina team going to Poland, looking forward to seeing Messi and Lewandowski's strong duel, but even if these two stars have extraordinary strength, with the world football team As far as the national team is concerned, Poland's strength is far inferior to Argentina's, and it is only a second-tier team in Europe. Even with Lewandowski as a strong striker, it is still difficult to win. After all, Poland is not called a "one-man team" by the outside world. Best policy.

The American powerhouse Mexico hidden in the World Cup Group C has become the biggest threat to Poland

However, there must be many fans who are too concerned about these two well-known stars and their teams, forgetting that there is also a world powerhouse in the Americas in this group - Mexico. In fact, in the past 32 World Cup top 32, Mexico has often been stable in qualifying, rarely only in the group stage, in this year's Americas qualifying round, it even won 8 wins, 4 and 2 losses, taking second place in the group early. Advance to the World Cup group stage.

However, it was reported not long ago that Mexico's powerful striker Crona was injured during training, so he is currently in the recuperation stage and is very likely to miss the Qatar World Cup directly, which is undoubtedly a big disadvantage for Mexico. , but it is undeniable that they are still a big powerhouse in the World Cup, and they are the opponents that pose the greatest threat to Poland in Group C of the group stage.

Saudi Arabia, the Asian powerhouse, has been reduced to the bottom of the group stage?

Finally, I want to talk about the national team with the least hope in this group, Saudi Arabia. Although they have performed very well in the Asian qualifying round, they are only in the middle of the world ranking at 53. They want to win It is hopeless to pass Argentina, Mexico, and Poland, the football powerhouses, and it is most likely to become the bottom team in this group.

The above is the overall overview of Group C of the World Cup group stage. Although most of the outside world is focusing on the strong duel between Messi and Lewandowski, in fact, in this group, Argentina is stable in qualifying, Poland, and Mexico The battle is the biggest unknown. I wonder which team you fans think can successfully qualify for the qualifying? If you don't want to miss any real-time information, be sure to lock in 【LUCKY11 World Cup 2022】!

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