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The 2022 World Cup can not afford to hurt! Messi fears injury, Argentina faces injury crisis!

Messi fears injury, Argentina faces injury crisis
Messi fears injury, Argentina faces injury crisis

The 2022 World Cup will officially start in less than 40 days. This time, to cope with the special climate of Qatar, the World Football Championship was postponed to the winter start, which made the major league schedules all in chaos. Players from all over the world are also trembling in the face of the World Cup, but recently it has been reported that Argentina's two strikers have been injured one after another, including Messi and Dybala. How will Argentina face the predicament and meet the arrival of the Qatar World Cup?

Messi continues to recover from injury to advance to the 2022 World Cup career

In the Ligue 1 match at Paris Saint-Germain a few days ago, Messi voluntarily asked to be replaced in the 90th minute. After the game, it was officially confirmed that Messi had a problem with his calf and had to rest for 3 weeks. The Champions League is currently underway, and Messi is also determined to continue to recuperate and miss the Champions League games. He does not want to take any risks in the countdown to the Qatar World Cup for more than a month.

Messi also officially announced recently that this will be his last time to participate in the World Cup, and he also appeared a little anxious and nervous in the face of reporters' questions. Messi led Argentina to America's Cup title last year. He said that Argentina's current strength is very good, and this World Cup has a relative advantage for the team, but he also said: "In the World Cup, anything is possible. It can happen, every World Cup game is quite difficult to play, which is what makes World Cup football special." Messi takes his last participation in the 2022 World Cup very seriously.

A final shot at the 2022 World Cup
A final shot at the 2022 World Cup

Argentina adds another injured striker Dybala to miss the 2022 World Cup

In addition to the injury of Messi, Argentina has added another injured soldier recently. Paulo Dybala, currently playing for Serie A Roma Sports Club, withdrew from the Champions League ahead of schedule due to a left thigh muscle injury. The preliminary judgment is that the quadriceps are torn, and it is estimated that he will miss 4 to 8 weeks, but the 2022 World Cup is only a few minutes away. In 40 days, I am afraid that the chances of participating in this World Football Championship are not very optimistic.

The 28-year-old Dybala has entered the best period of his football career. He joined the Argentine national team and played 34 games so far. In the South America-European Champions Cup Championship, he scored a point for Argentina and finally won against Italy 3-0. In addition, he also has a good performance at the club. He has scored 7 goals in 11 games for the Ma Sports Club. Dybala, who is injured, may not be able to attend the World Cup, which is a considerable loss for Argentina.

How will Argentina face the injury crisis?

Looking back on Argentina's performance in the World Cup over the years, from the 1970s to the early 1990s, it was the representative of the world's football powerhouses, but from the late 1990s, it fell from the altar and fell into the low ebb of the national team. At that time, some football critics believed that Argentina focused on cultivating forward talents at that time while ignoring the training of talents in the middle and backcourts, which led to opportunities for opponents to take advantage of, and the team appeared to be in a state of disintegration.

However, in recent years, Argentina has revitalized its morale and strengthened its weaknesses in the lineup. In addition to incorporating talents from all walks of life, it has also added players with attacking data similar to Messi's to make up for Argentina's unique situation, even when Messi is absent due to illness. Always maintain a certain level. Therefore, I believe that even if Argentina faces the pressure of Messi and the injury of the players, it can still maintain a certain strength to face the upcoming World Cup.

The above is the latest flash report on the Argentina national football team in the World Football League. Want to know more about the World Cup or where to watch the free World Cup live broadcast? Please continue to lock us, let's welcome the arrival of the 2022 FIFA World Cup!

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