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Messi's last fight! Participation in six sessions is only short of the World Cup trophy

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

Messi's last fight!
Messi's last fight!

If a person has experienced 5 World Cup preparations, then he must also know the rules of the game very well, but for a person like Argentina Messi, his experience is different. World Cup Messi played for the first time with Paris Saint-Germain, this year he led the World Cup Argentina team, with a goalless draw, and the World Cup Brazil team. This allows his team to qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup with four games remaining.


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With 16 years in football, Messi is the only one missing a World Cup trophy

Messi's past three World Cups, from watching Argentina's national team defeat on penalties as a teenager, to a 4-0 semi-final defeat in 2010, and finally a loss in 2014 The playoff of the World Cup final was dropped, and it was played all the way. And their nemesis, Germany, always ends their World Cup journey. Messi doesn't want to meet Germany in this year's World Cup. At the same time, it is possible that Messi also hopes to play against Nigeria again in the 2008 Olympic final. China, since Messi beat Nigeria, in the next four World Cups, three consecutive wins over Nigeria.

In addition, Messi also has many outstanding records, such as the Olympic Games, U21, America's Cup, and a large number of football club honorary awards, but there is still a lack of a World Cup trophy in the collection, so he is looking forward to the first A five-time World Cup journey ends with a trophy, adding it to the international trophy collection.

Messi bids farewell to La Liga Barcelona joins Paris Saint-Germain

This year's World Cup will be the first time Messi will not play for Barcelona, and even so, no one will say that "Messi's performance in Argentina is not as good as in Barcelona". His current employer is the Qatar-funded Paris Saint-Germain football club, and although he only joined in August, he is still actively looking for a place that suits him. Even if his time at Paris Saint-Germain Football Club is still young, judging from his recent state, everyone recognizes his performance in it.

In 2021, Messi led Argentina to the long-lost championship of major events and became the champion team of this year's Copa America, which not only qualified for the World Cup but also greatly boosted the team's morale. The World Cup Argentina team with 27 consecutive unbeaten records, Messi has not played in only one of the past 21 games, and he has not missed the other games. He persisted on the field every minute and every second. In this World Cup Despite the draw with Brazil at the World Cup, he said "we continue to get stronger."

Messi bids farewell to La Liga Barcelona, joins Paris Saint-Germain
Messi bids farewell to La Liga Barcelona, joins Paris Saint-Germain

Last chance! Messi and Argentina fight again for the World Cup trophy

In the past, two of the five-time World Cup veterans were goalkeepers. Antonio of Mexico. Carbajal participated in every competition from 1950 to 1966, and Gianluigi of Italy. Buffon played in every tournament from 1998 to 2014. Unfortunately, two of the four five-time World Cup fighters reached the highest level in team history in the third World Cup, while the fourth and fifth World Cup was nowhere to be seen; having said that, May In preparation for the upcoming World Cup, West has customized a twelve-month schedule so that he can better manage his physical strength. Compared with some of the 2022 World Cup prospects, Messi has more leeway.

The Qatar World Cup should be the last World Cup for Argentina Messi. He will turn 35 in June and has yet to have a player who has played in six World Cups. Although FIFA has considered changing the holding cycle of the World Cup to be held every two years, it will not be held until 2026 at the earliest.

His players believe that Messi's 16-year experience as a senior international player is quite happy and enviable. Clarin columnist Maximiliano Uria pointed out: "In this unbeaten series, the Argentine team has learned that it is not to play for Messi, but to play with him, and to learn to play without him in the next stage. Contest."

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