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Lionel Messi's final chance to win the World Cup, the last kick! Messi: can't wait to start the game

Messi's final chance to win the World Cup, the last kick!
Messi's final chance to win the World Cup, the last kick!

In addition to watching the 2022 World Cup, the well-known stars on the field are also a major attraction. Whether Messi and Ronaldo will be their last World Cup this year has been subject to a lot of discussions. Last week, Messi said that the Qatar World Cup will be his last, leaving a shocking bullet for football.

And whether Messi can lead the World Cup Argentina to win the championship this year, what are the current World Cup winning odds, and are there any chances of winning compared with other popular teams?

This is the last chance to win the World Cup!

Just last week, Messi said in an exclusive interview that this World Cup will be his last, and the 35-year-old said: "My body feels good, it's not like last year (transfers). , I did a good job of pre-season preparation, which I couldn't do the year before, and I needed to start and arrive differently, with a good mentality and smugness."

Messi has played in the national team for a long time. He has experienced many critical moments. He has made perfect preparations for leading the team, but he has never won the championship. Returning home, this year Messi has come out of the low ebb of leaving Barcelona, ​​adjusted his mentality, and has not failed from Copa America to the present so that the outside world once again ignited hope for Argentina. Many fans hope that Messi can win the game. Under his first World Cup trophy, leave no regrets.

He also said at the end of the interview: "Anything can happen in the World Cup, every game is tough, and the favorite team may not be able to win the championship. I don't know if we are the favorite, but in terms of historical results, Argentina has been defeated. As a candidate for the championship. My love for the Argentine people is unreserved and we will fight to the end no matter who we face.”

Argentina & Popular Team World Cup Odds Prediction Analysis

As for how Argentina's title odds compare to other teams this year?

The following is for you to sort out Argentina and the other four favorite teams and the odds and a basic introduction.

(Odds are based on American odds)

▪ World Cup Team Argentina

Highest odds: +650

Against low odds: +760

Argentina has performed very well since Copa America. They won the Copa America championship with zero defeats. Besides Messi, a strong forward in the team, Argentina has many excellent players who can cooperate, such as Damian. Martinez, Christian Romilo, etc., so that Messi does not have to shoulder the entire team, and is a rare and rare balanced combination by the media.

However, just recently striker Paulo Dybala has been injured, and, likely, he will not be able to play in this World Cup, which is undoubtedly a big injury to Argentina.

▪ World Cup Brazil

Highest odds: +450

Against low odds: +500

When it comes to football, Brazil must be indispensable. The favorite to win the World Cup must be Brazil. Although indeed, they have not won the World Cup in recent years, their results have always been comparable. After winning the World Cup qualifiers, Brazil qualified first, not only because of its strong offensive strength but also because its defense is amazing. The two goalkeepers considered to be the strongest today are also located in Brazil, and they are undoubtedly winning the championship. A popular team.

World Cup Winning Odds Analysis Brazil
World Cup Winning Odds Analysis Brazil
▪ World Cup France

Highest odds: +500

Against low odds: +650

As the defending champion France, this year's performance has made people a little worried. The recent performance of the UEFA Europa League is unsatisfactory. Although coach Deschamps said that this is a training plan, it is almost relegated, causing the outside world to have a problem. Many doubtful voices. However, in the group stage of the World Cup this time, their opponents are not too big a threat to them. It should not be difficult to advance to the top 16. They just have to rush to the final and win the championship. With the recent performance of the national team, It's kind of difficult to see.

▪ World Cup Team England

Highest odds: +550

Against low odds: +760

England has always been the focus of football in every World Cup, although their strength is occasionally unstable, sometimes they are out of the group stage early, and sometimes they can play to the final, resulting in very ups and downs in the odds. But it still has a certain status in football, and the national team is replaced by Southgate, not only has the team's cohesive force improved a lot but also does not have superstitious big players, and has its own set of tactical concepts, I want to see them this year It is not impossible to win the trophy again.

World Cup Winning Odds Analysis England
World Cup Winning Odds Analysis England
▪ World football team Spain

Highest odds: +760

Against low odds: +900

Since Spain won the championship in 2010, its performance in world football has not been very good. The biggest reason is that the players on the team have not been picked up. However, after two adjustments, the overall state of the team has improved a lot and cultivated a lot. The rookie star, the odds of winning the championship this year are also ranked 5th among the 32 teams, fans should be able to regain some confidence in them this year! However, whether there is a possibility of winning the championship depends on the subsequent performance to make an assessment.

The above is a brief introduction and analysis of the odds for Argentina and other popular teams. Argentina is not completely out of chances to win the championship this time, but in terms of the overall winning odds, Argentina is only ranked 4th. It takes a lot of effort.

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