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Who else besides Lionel Messi has been in the spotlight for Argentina at the World Cup?

Besides Messi, what other stars are in the spotlight?
Besides Messi, what other stars are in the spotlight?

Argentina's bleak performance at the 2018 World Cup four years ago ended in the last 16 of the World Cup, and many people believe that its future in football is no longer. Then he was replaced by a new coach, who completely overhauled the team, led by Messi, organized a united team, and succeeded one after another, regaining the seat of the World Cup winning favorite.

Messi, as the symbol of Argentina, has certainly attracted the attention of most fans, but perhaps you don't know that this team has other players such as Damian Martinez, and Christian Romero, Stars such as Rodrigo de Paul and Lautaro Martinez in the spotlight.

Lionel Messi - vows to win World Cup

Although the 35-year-old Messi has not made it clear, the outside world has speculated that the Qatar World Cup is likely to be his last World Cup. The legendary life is only a Hercules Cup away, and he is very much looking forward to realizing his dream.

Messi, who just transferred to Paris Saint-Germain, had a poor performance last season. Many fans thought that he was old and his physical fitness was no longer. After stepping into this season, he broke the existing impression. That ageless left foot makes Messi continue to play with good results.

FIFA officials pointed out that the current Argentina team no longer relies on Messi, which allows him to reduce a lot of burden and pressure. I believe that Messi, who has put down his burden, can compose a perfect movement in the World Football Championship.

Emiliano Martinez - acclaimed in two years

29-year-old Emiliano Martinez, the team's starting goalkeeper, is younger than other team goalkeepers.

Emiliano Martínez was called up to the Argentina national team in October 2020, and in less than a year was elected the best goalkeeper in Copa America, successfully proving his ability.

It has only been about two years since he joined the team. Although his qualifications are shallow and he has never participated in any World Cup, with his profound strength as the core of the Argentine national team's defense, he will become the team's hope.

Emiliano Martinez
Emiliano Martinez

Cristian Romilo - Rising Star of the Argentine National Team

Christian Romero dreamed of joining the national team at the age of 13, and ten years later not only achieved his dream but also achieved higher achievements. Now that he is only 24 years old, although his seniority in the national team is quite shallow and his football career is not long, he can bring obvious pressure on his opponents, and he can also save his teammates' mistakes. He is the defensive leader the Argentine coach is looking for.

Spreading out the results of the recently started season, it is not difficult to find that he has been absent due to injury. His injury physique is very likely to affect the next World Cup, and if Christian Romelo is absent due to injury, it must be a big blow for Argentina.

Rodrigo De Paul - Attacking with Messi World Football

As a midfielder, Rodrigo de Paul can be said to be versatile. He can intercept defense and drive offense. He has both sides and even can shoot from a long distance. FIFA officially calls him a multi-purpose player. He rarely misses club league matches, and even attended 16 games in the national team's 2022 World Cup qualifiers, playing 1,279 minutes. It's not hard to see the importance he attaches to.

Demonstrating good running endurance and excellent creativity in Copa America, Rodrigo de Paul is considered to be the most ideal partner of Messi and established his position in the Argentine national team.

Lautaro Martinez – the new top scorer on the team

It is not surprising that Messi has become a legend because of his ability. However, as he grows older, his running volume is not as good as before. The offensive end of the national team is bound to be taken over. Many fans pin their hopes on Lautaro Martin. nes.

In the past, Argentina used Messi as the core of the attack, which made Lautaro Martinez unable to leave any dazzling achievements, but with the change of the coach's policy, he will be able to take the lead. But his shortcomings are also very obvious. He often uses vigorous volleying to shoot in a game. If it is difficult to break through in the face of temporary situations, specializing in the shooting will be a major topic in his next career.

The 25-year-old Lautaro Martinez has entered the peak of his physical fitness. He scored 25 goals in 49 appearances last season. It can be seen that his strength as a former peak is constantly growing. Brilliant and worth looking forward to.

Lautaro Martinez
Lautaro Martinez

A favorite to win! Argentina 4th in World Cup odds

After winning America's Cup in major international events for 28 years, Argentina has regained the seat of the World Cup favorite. Previously, the lottery company put Argentina's World Cup winning odds in a good position, tied with Spain for fourth place (No. One is Brazil, the second is England, and the third is France).

It is worth mentioning that all the tickets for the World Cup group stage with Argentina have sold quite well, and it is not difficult to see how high the outside world's expectations are.

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