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Qatar World Cup, human rights controversy intensifies, eight captains in solidarity with LGBTQ!

Captains of the Eight Kingdoms stand in solidarity with LGBTQ
Captains of the Eight Kingdoms stand in solidarity with LGBTQ

Qatar World Cup Human rights issues continue, from labor, speech to homosexuality, etc., and have been criticized by many outside media. In this World Cup, many national team captains have come forward to support the LGBTQ community; in terms of regulations, the policy has been loosened again, and some behaviors such as drinking and disturbances will be changed to misdemeanors so that World Cup football fans have more freedom. World Cup 2022 A series of obstacles How will World Cup Qatar be solved? In this article, we will discuss this with you in depth.

Qatar World Cup captains will wear armbands to speak for human rights

Homosexuality is considered illegal in Qatar due to the influence of Sharia law, and if found in the country homosexuality may be sentenced to five years in prison. Because Qatar hosted the World Cup, LGBTQ people from many countries expressed dissatisfaction. This time, the European football teams in the World Cup are all facing each other, such as England, Wales, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Belgium. A total of 8 countries, participated in the gender equality movement called "One Love", including England captain Harry Kane, the captains of 8 teams will wear special armbands at the 2022 World Football Championship, calling on everyone to pay attention to human rights issues.

Qatar considers making drinking a misdemeanor during World Cup
Qatar considers making drinking a misdemeanor during World Cup

Qatar considers making drinking a misdemeanor during World Cup

At the upcoming World Cup, Qatar has relaxed the drinking rules, which used to be limited to certain venues. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased around the stadium a few hours before and after the World Cup kicks off. Recently, the media has received news that the Qatari government has plans to make some acts a minor crimes, such as causing trouble in public or being drunk. They will not be arrested but only warned by the police. The government hopes that the Qatari police will There can be more forgiveness and flexibility in law enforcement.

In addition, the media also pointed out that fans and players who enter the Qatar World Cup to watch the game will get a permit to enter the stadium to watch the game. If there is a slight fight or the use of pyrotechnics to cause harm during the World Cup, there is a chance that it will be confiscated by the government. permit, but whether it will be directly deported, the Qatar government has not come forward to clarify this policy at present.

Although the relaxation of the rules has made World Cup fans around the world happy, the Qatari government has not made it public about the rumors, which also means that domestic conservatives will face a major challenge.

Qatar World Cup will no longer respond to outside doubters

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Secretary General Tawadi told Qatar in an interview with the Central News Agency: "From the first day, I believed that Qatar can prove to everyone that Qatar is capable of hosting such a large event as the World Cup. "The eight World Cup stadiums are nearing completion. Facing millions of fans from all over the world, the traffic and accommodation problems in the center of Doha have become a major challenge for Qatar.

In addition, gender equality and immigration issues are also the focus of external attention. The Qatar World Cup emphasized that every fan is welcome to watch the game, and will start labor reforms, including setting a minimum wage threshold and improving the labor conditions of a large number of migrant workers.

The 2022 World Cup kicks off at the end of November. Qatar will no longer be shaken by the voices of doubts from all walks of life, and the problems of the World Cup will be eased a little. In the future, the LUCKY11 World Football Championship will provide the latest competition analysis and information on the World Football Championship. Fans, please continue to follow, and don't miss it!

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