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Barcelona shoots World Football star Lewandowski for a high price!

Barcelona overpaying for Lewandowski!
Barcelona overpaying for Lewandowski!

As one of the giants of La Liga, Barcelona Football Club not only has many Spanish World Cup players, but also many World Cup players from other countries play in Barcelona (the 2022 World Football Intelligence page has a detailed list of team players).

The club recently spent a lot of money to sign the king of football - Lewandowski, which caused a public uproar. The biggest reason is nothing more than the serious financial problems of the club in recent years. There has been no improvement at all, but there are ways to auction with super high transfer fees. The outside world is puzzled by the next player, and it is even more unpleasant to see a star go to such a football club.


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  1. What happened to Barcelona, the former giants?

  2. There are three main reasons for Barcelona's financial difficulties this time

  3. Barcelona's photo of World Football star Lewandowski sparks public debate!


What happened to Barcelona, the former giants?

In the past, Barcelona Football Club (hereinafter referred to as "Barcelona") was a well-known existence in the Spanish Football League. It has won 26 La Liga championships and other large club competitions. In addition to the Spanish world football players, there are not a few superstars who have played in Barcelona, such as the retired Maradona of the Hand of God, the alien Ronaldo, and several active world football stars Messi, Suarez, and Neymar were once known as the MSN combination in Barcelona.

Barcelona of the former giants
Barcelona of the former giants

Before the start of the 2021/22 season, football detonated a shock bomb. At that time, all fans knew that Barcelona had financial difficulties, but Messi himself did not expect to be forced to leave Barcelona. What happened at that time——

There are three main reasons for Barcelona's financial difficulties this time:

  • Too many unsuitable players are signed at a high price, and the club's salary structure is unbalanced;

  • The lineup is luxurious but cannot achieve good results, and the income such as bonuses is reduced;

  • It can be said to be the last straw. The covid-19 epidemic has swept the whole of Europe. All events are played behind closed doors, and clubs cannot receive ticket revenue.

Even if Messi himself offered to halve his salary, Barcelona's serious salary structure imbalance makes La Liga must intervene, making it impossible to renew his contract. But Messi's contract renewal is only an indicator issue. What's more important is that Barcelona is actually facing a bankruptcy crisis. At that time, the Spanish media broke the news that the club's debt was as high as 1.3 billion euros, and the players' salaries could not be paid out. At the same time, the performance of the season can be said to be tragic, and the financial situation is getting worse, but there is no further action by the club to improve.

Barcelona's photo of World Football star Lewandowski sparks public debate!

The time has come to the near future. Although the team now has many World Cup football players from various countries, the lineup is not inferior, but it cannot achieve good results in the 21-22 season, and Barcelona's finances have not improved significantly. Robert Lewandowski has previously expressed his desire to leave Bayern Munich Football Club (hereinafter referred to as "Bayern") and join Barcelona instead.

Barcelona's photo of World Football star Lewandowski sparks public debate!
Barcelona's photo of World Football star Lewandowski sparks public debate!

At first, the Bayern coach thought that Barcelona could not pay, saying that it would cost at least 45 million euros to take the main player like Lewandowski. Barcelona is still in debt and Lewandowski can't leave Bayern.

In the end, it was 50 million euros. The head coach was still puzzled by Barcelona’s lack of money and spending money everywhere to buy players, and called it “too weird and crazy”. Of course, Bayern was worried about not being able to receive transfer fees from Barcelona ( In addition to Barcelona still owed transfer fees to other clubs), the most important thing is that Lewandowski has always been the ace striker on the Bayern team in the past. Without this world football star, it will be difficult to fill the vacancy in the team in the short term.

Many people said that although Lewand knew that there were a lot of problems in Basel, he insisted on getting into it, like joining a cult. However, many fans said that Lewandowski joined Barcelona because the chance of winning the Ballon d'Or would be greater. Even if Barcelona owes him a salary, his income so far is not a problem. His desire for the Ballon d'Or is above these. questions.

In addition, Lewandowski's change from the Bundesliga to La Liga has not only changed the environment, but the league season is very different from the past. It will take some time to get used to it, and I hope it will not affect the state of the World Football Championship.

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