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World Football's labor problem explodes again! Unpaid migrant workers are deported!

Qatar World Cup labor issues resurface
Qatar World Cup labor issues resurface

In less than 100 days, the Qatar World Cup will start! However, not long ago, the labor problem in Qatar broke out again. A few months ago, there were repeated abuses of labor in Qatar, the host country. Some migrant workers paraded through the streets to demonstrate because of arrears of wages, which also made the outside world pay special attention to the Qatar World Football Championship, and wondered whether there would be any follow-up effects.

Thousands of migrant workers die in a foreign land for the world football stadium

As early as 2010, when the right to host was confirmed, Qatar hired a large number of foreign migrant workers to prepare for the construction of the World Cup football stadium. However, during this period, it was revealed that more than 6,500 migrant workers in Qatar were abused, and some of them were mistreated. Even death is directly labeled as a blood and sweat project.

Although the Qatar government quickly jumped out to clarify that these things were not true, compared with other construction projects, the accident rate of the World Football Construction Project was very low; but later, a labor rights organization "FairSquare" said that due to the migrant workers in Qatar, the accident rate was very low. The content of the work is not necessarily the construction of the stadiums for the World Football Championships. It is possible to build airports, roads, hotels, etc., plus up to 2 million domestic workers, from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and other countries, all of which are not their own. People, in harsh climates, increase the chances of migrant workers dying.

World Cup Qatar labor issues

The accusation of "labor abuse" was finally cleared in Qatar a few days ago, but not long ago, the issue of unpaid wages was immediately revealed. Several migrant workers demonstrated outside the Doha office of Al Bandary International Group to recover their wages. , was directly deported from Qatar. However, the Qatari government only stated that "some protesters were detained for violating public safety laws" and that "a minority of protesters who failed to remain peaceful and violated Qatar's public safety laws will face the fate of being deported by court order." No instructions were given for subsequent processing.

According to the British labor rights organization Equidem, at least 60 migrant workers have not received wages yet, and some people have been in arrears for seven months. However, Qatar had promised to improve labor conditions earlier. Today, Qatar The re-emergence of World Cup labor issues makes it hard not to question Qatar.

Human rights issues in Qatar continue
Human rights issues in Qatar continue

Are the ongoing human rights issues in Qatar affecting ticket purchases for the World Cup?

This also makes the external party worried that the successive outbreak of various human rights issues in Qatar will affect the willingness of fans to go to Qatar to watch the game. During the game, both the Norwegian and German national teams wore jerseys with the slogan "Human Rights. On and Off Pitch" to express their concerns about Qatar and support the migrant workers.

Although the current state of ticket purchases has not had any impact, it has not been fully sold out. Now that the human rights issue has erupted again, it is worrying whether it will have any impact on the subsequent World Cup football matches.

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