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【Kirin Cup】Japan wins over Ghana to warm up for the World Cup Group of Death!

【Kirin Cup】Japan beats Ghana
【Kirin Cup】Japan beats Ghana

After the 2022 World Cup qualification ended, the Kirin Cup followed, allowing teams from various countries to continue to stage a hot battle. Not long ago, the Japanese Blue Samurai, the organizer, played against Ghana on June 10 to start the Kirin Cup. Semifinals.

With the approaching of the World Cup, Japan and Ghana, who are also World Cup teams, have added a lot of gunpowder flavor to the game. Although this is only a friendly match, for both teams, it is for Qatar. Great opportunity to warm up for the World Cup.


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Japan plays steadily, and it is inevitable to win Ghana

Currently ranked 23rd in the world, there is not much difference compared with the last announced ranking. The World Football Team Japan has made full preparations for this Kirin Cup, and the team's performance has been very stable in the past.

In the beginning, they beat Paraguay with a score of 4-1 and opened the international schedule in June. Of the 28 players who played in Japan, 22 played in Europe. It can be said that they are full of talents. In recent games, six have won four games, one of which was a draw. The only recent defeat was Brazil's 1-0 victory over Japan, which is quite good for a team in the Asian region of the World Football Team.

Ghana's strength is not as good as before, the World Cup is not optimistic

As the current World Football Team, Ghana is currently ranked 60th in FIFA. In terms of the World Cup Africa region, Ghana is a strong team that cannot be underestimated. The team also has several powerful players, and its overall strength is not weak. ; But in terms of recent events, Ghana is not very good. In this year's eight events, there is only one victory. The World Cup Ghana team is no longer the same as it used to be, whether it is the Kirin Cup or the World Football Group. To win is not easy.

In addition, the African Cup qualifiers have also kicked off, the team's main focus is not on the friendly match, and Ghana's long journey to Japan to participate in the competition may also affect the situation of the game. Japan's recent offensive and defensive statistics are better. In Ghana, so overall, Japan has a higher chance of winning this match.

Ghana's strength is not as strong as before
Ghana's strength is not as strong as before

Can Japan's victory over Ghana break through the death group of the World Football Championship?

Judging from the recent situation, the Japanese team's state is slightly better than Ghana's, and the strength is also higher than the opponent's. As long as the Japanese team plays normally, it can be said that it is quite easy to win, and Japan is the host country in this game. , is also the initiator of this event, there is no doubt about the fighting spirit.

It is a pity that Japan was placed in the top 32 group E of the World Football Championship this time. It can be said that it is the death group. Therefore, if Japan wants to stand out in the World Cup group stage, I am afraid that it needs to train more, and this friendly match is very important for Japan. It is more of an opportunity to test his strength again.

At the beginning of this game, Japan also dominated as expected, and scored a point in less than 30 minutes. Although Ghana had tied the score at the beginning, it still lost to Japan and was finally won by Japan by 4:1. Next, Japan will face the next opponent, Tunisia, in the Kirin Cup final soon.

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