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The world mobilizes for the Kadar World Cup! Endless Opportunities for Peripheral Goods!

Qatar World Cup! Unlimited business opportunities for peripheral products
Qatar World Cup! Unlimited business opportunities for peripheral products

The whole world is looking forward to the upcoming FIFA World Cup in November. Whether it is official cooperative brands or official souvenirs, countries have begun to speed up their pace to welcome the business opportunities of the Qatar World Cup peripheral products. This time, Yiwu, Zhejiang, China, worked overtime overnight, provided millions of balls with various souvenirs of the 2022 World Cup, and even opened a special shipping line for the Qatar World Cup.

Let's take a look at how attractive the business opportunities of the World Football peripherals are this time!

Qatar World Cup business opportunities, even famous brands want to co-brand

All major brands have seen the biggest sports event after the epidemic, and they have launched a series of joint products with the Qatar World Cup, which makes the fans and brands of the World Football Championship look forward to it, which indirectly symbolizes the economic recovery after the epidemic.

◼ Car brand Kia becomes the official mobile vehicle of the World Cup

This time, Kia, a major Korean automaker, has been the official partner of the World Cup for five consecutive years. The theme of this time is "Every Move Matters is the key", which symbolizes the spirit of cooperation between every player in the World Cup, and it also shows that every top player can take every step in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. affect the world. This time, Kia is the official mobile tool for this year's World Cup, allowing all players, referees, and media participating in the Qatar World Cup to travel to the World Cup venues in the new Kia model.

Qatar World Cup business opportunities, even famous brands want to co-brand
Qatar World Cup business opportunities, even famous brands want to co-brand
◼ Fashion boutique Louis Vuitton launches Qatar World Cup limited leather goods

Since the 2010 World Cup, LV has built a trophy case for the World Cup. Since 2018, it has launched a new series of leather goods for the World Cup. This year, they have used exquisite, elegant, and sporty shapes to create a boutique exclusive to the Qatar World Cup, ready to welcome every exciting moment of the World Cup with fans.

Open the Qatar World Cup shipping line, only to send fans the latest souvenirs

Yiwu, Zhejiang has the title of "Small Commodities City", and the Qatar World Cup is coming soon. With a variety of flags, footballs, and even world football jerseys and souvenirs, the products made in Yiwu account for 70% of the world's World Cup peripheral products market.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the business opportunity of the World Cup has increased the order volume of the region by 50-70%, and the World Cup is only a little over a month away. For the souvenirs in the hands of millions of World Cup fans, every factory employee in Yiwu The time has also increased from the original 10 hours to 13 hours. To allow fans to get peripheral products faster, Yiwu opened a "World Cup Shipping Line", which shortened the delivery time from the original more than one month to 20 days.

Unrestricted major events for the first post-pandemic revive sports business opportunities

Why is there such a huge business opportunity for the Qatar World Cup? It is precise because the 2022 World Cup is the first sports event that is not subject to any epidemic prevention regulations after the epidemic, so many brands have smelled a business opportunity. With the blessing of many brands, it also makes the This World Cup football game brings more visibility and makes fans look forward to the first large-scale sports event after the epidemic.

The Qatar World Cup has begun to heat up. We may not be able to experience the exciting atmosphere on site in Taiwan, but we can also become a member of the World Cup through these co-branded brands; or through the free World Cup Live streaming can also be played at the same time, making watching the event the most exciting and fun activity. Let's start the countdown to the Qatar World Cup!

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