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How hard is it to win? World Cup has yet to start, and multiple injuries have been reported!

How hard is it to win the championship
How hard is it to win the championship

The 2022 World Cup, held for the first time in winter, has entered the countdown stage. Because the Qatar World Cup will be held at a different time than before, the leagues at all levels have become more compact to cooperate with it, and the number of injuries and illnesses is increasing compared with the past. , Among them, many main players of the national team are rumored to miss the World Cup due to injury. Not only France, the champion of the last World Cup, was infested by the curse, but also strong teams such as Portugal, Argentina, and England. What will happen to the World Cup group stage matches deserves the attention of fans.

Europa League and World Cup season clash, players overwhelmed

According to statistics, the number of injuries this season has increased by 30% compared with the previous season, and it has increased by 100% compared with the previous season. The combined loss of the five major league clubs is as high as 5 billion pounds. It is not difficult to see that the Qatar World Football Championship is different from the previous start. Timing heavily affects events at all levels.

European leagues at all levels and the World Cup can be said to be closely linked. Players will ask their clubs for leave to perform in the national team, but they may also be unable to participate in the World Cup due to serious injuries caused by club competitions. Among them, especially in the five major leagues, there are many national team main players. For example, Messi recently temporarily left the competition due to an injury to recuperate for the World Football Championship.

Can France withstand the curse of the World Cup?

Benzema, who won this year's Ballon d'Or not long ago, was unable to participate in the World Cup with France for some reason last year. He said that he is very ambitious for the World Cup championship. However, compared with other national teams, France, which only won the championship last year, must face the curse of the championship that is difficult to defend in the World Cup. Benzema may have more than enough power.

It’s not just that Pogba, who was previously introduced, is currently recuperating from injury and has not entered the squad for the World Football Championship. There have been several injuries recently reported:

Rafael Varane - Defender (No. 4) - Seriously injured and has a high chance of missing the World Cup;

Engro Kante - Midfielder (No. 13) - Returning in February 2023;

Lucas Digne - Defender (No. 18) - Returning in late December 2022;

Kolandin Tolisso - Midfielder (No. 12) - Seriously injured and has a high chance of missing the World Cup...and more.

Where have all the Portuguese strikers gone? World Cup may be difficult to attack

It seems that Portugal, a one-man team of Cristiano Ronaldo, has extraordinary real strength, and the odds of winning the championship are in the eighth place, but it is very likely that they will not be able to achieve good results in the Qatar World Football Championship. Portugal, which was almost unable to advance in the World Cup qualifiers, is now again. Faced with the challenge, several famous star players have fallen:

Diogo Jota - Striker (No. 21) - Seriously injured and confirmed to miss the World Cup;

Patu Nito - Striker - Seriously injured, has a high chance of missing the World Cup...etc. In addition, striker Rafa Silva withdrew from the national team due to personal reasons.

Before the game started, 3 front peaks were missing. It is even more impossible for a team sport like football to hand over all the offensive work to Ronaldo alone. The problem of Portugal's front-line combat power has emerged.

Injury in the World Cup football team has stepped into the challenge

In every major game, due to various reasons such as injuries, it is impossible to get good results. England, which is dubbed the Three Meow Army, is also in constant news of injury and retirement. Kyle Walker, Reece James, and Kelvin Phillips take turns. Pushed into the operating room, although they are all confident that they will be able to return as soon as possible, it is another matter of how they are in shape and whether they can be reused by the head coach, and the England head coach is also quite worried about the selection of people for the event.

Kyle Walker - Injured at the World Cup
Kyle Walker - Injured at the World Cup

Argentina's main players Paulo Dybala and Angel Di Maria are also likely to miss the World Cup due to injury, and even Messi is very much looking forward to them recovering before the start of the game, not like four years ago. Usually due to a lack of manpower caused by early pack up and going home.

In addition, strong teams such as the Netherlands and Mexico are also constantly reporting injuries, casting a shadow over the road to the World Cup.

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