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Harry Kane - England's World Cup star thrives on admiration!

Harry Kane - England World Cup
Harry Kane - England World Cup

Harry Kane, who broke the record with 185 goals, I believe that all World Cup fans must have a little impression of him. He is the winner of the 2018 World Cup Golden Boot. This World Cup Golden Boot is a single player in the World Cup. The most can be obtained, and he led England to create a new team history in the World Cup, which made many people look forward to the rise of the Three Lions in the 2022 World Cup.

From obscurity to world football star, Harry Kane chases football with vision

Early career development

Harry Kane said that his sports cells came from his mother's family, and his maternal grandfather was also a good football player.

Unlike most club careers in which most stars have turned a corner, Kane has played for far fewer clubs. His story, like many stars, was developed by a local team from the very beginning. He joined the youth army of the Arsenal Club at the age of eight. However, he was not optimistic. After only one season, he was forced to leave the club and return to the club. local team.

It didn't take long for him to transfer from the local team to the youth team of Watford Club, and then to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club (Tottenham), and signed a scholarship contract with it.

Tottenham Hotspur football club era

In the beginning, Kane failed to play for Tottenham and kept on loaning to other clubs. Kane's arrival made these clubs have a deep memory and were happy for his arrival.

During the 2014-15 season, he seemed to be able to bear fruit, continue to make contributions, and fight for Tottenham's starting position next season. In 15-16 and 16-17, he won the English Premier League Golden Boot Award (Premier League Golden Boot Award) for two consecutive years, proving his strength.

A few days ago, he scored the 185th goal in Tottenham, which refreshed the number of goals scored by the same club in the Premier League, and was the fourth-highest scorer in the Premier League.

Harry Kane has admired the famous David Beckham in English football since he was a child and attended the football school he founded. He also likes Tottenham very much. He never thought that he would become a part of the team. , and has become a scoring machine among them.

The famous David Beckham in football
The famous David Beckham in football

An orderly personal life, a good man in everyone's hearts

Harry Kane is the image of a good man in many people's hearts. He is unique among a group of English stars with rich nightlife. He dedicates his time to family and sports. He can often be seen sharing himself and his wife on social platforms. In the life of my son, I have said that I would rather leave the time to go to the nightclub for the pets, or play golf.

Since Qatar, the host country of the 2022 World Football Championship, expressly prohibits one-night stands, Kane, who is so clean, was even ridiculed by netizens that he was one of the few people in the England national team who could finish the World Football Championship and go home safely.

And he is low-key and kind. Sun Xingmin, who is on the same team as the club, is the best partner on the football field. Sun Xingmin even said that "Kane has spent more time with me than he and his wife." It can be seen that the two have a very strong relationship. It's good, but unfortunately, the two countries in the World Cup group stage are different and divided into different groups. We can't see the two great shooters who are sympathetic to each other.

Harry. Kane leads England to the 2022 World Cup again

As the captain of the England national team, he has also achieved outstanding results in England, which is full of talents. He scored 50 goals in 72 games, and the scoring rate is as high as 69.4%. In the World Cup qualifiers in Europe, he even broke the national team record and scored the 10th 12-yard free throw.

Compared with England, which fell into a slump in the 2018 World Cup and was not expected by the outside world, now the team has participated in the World Cup semi-finals and the European Cup finals, as if standing up again, Kane said, "We will be one of the favorites. to usher in this World Cup football match.”

Harry. Kane leads England to 2022 World Cup again
Harry. Kane leads England to 2022 World Cup again

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