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Germany vs. Spain in the World Cup|Favorite Soccer Games Handicap Analysis!

Germany VS Spain | Favorites to win
Germany VS Spain | Favorites to win

Qatar World Cup which team have you spotted? Group E of the World Cup group stage can be called the current death group. Everyone who plays the sports lottery in the 2022 World Football League should not miss this sports lottery analysis article. Who will be killed by Spain and Germany, which are also the popular World Cup champion teams? Which team should I choose?

Today, I will explain to all sports betting players, how will this century's battle bet be opened!

Qatar World Cup Group E pre-match lottery analysis

Qatar World Cup winning teams ▸Analysis of Germany's strength

The German national team is ranked 6th in the odds of winning this World Cup and 12th in the FIFA ranking. It has won 4 World Cup championships in history, and is the second most World Cup champion team after Brazil and Italy. . Germany's performance in the European Cup of Nations is also quite impressive. It has won three championships and is tied with the Spanish national team for the number of championships.

The German national football team qualified for the World Cup by finishing first in Group J in the first round of the World Cup qualifying round in Europe. The following is the team's performance in the qualifying round, participating in a total of 10 matches, with 9 wins and 1 loss, with a total score of 27 points.

Race date Home and away Opponent Score Result

2021/3/25 Home Iceland 3:0 Win

2021/3/28 Away Romania 0:1 Win

2021/3/31 Home North Macedonia 1:2 Burden

2021/9/02 Away Liechtenstein 0:2 Win

2021/9/05 Home Romania 6:0 Win

2021/9/08 Away Iceland 0:4 Win

2021/10/8 Home Romania 2:1 Win

2021/10/11 Away North Macedonia 0:4 Win

2021/11/11 Home Liechtenstein 9:0 Win

2021/11/14 Away Armenia 1:4 Win

Top teams to win the championship ▸Analysis of Germany's strength
Top teams to win the championship ▸Analysis of Germany's strength

The German national team's results in this group stage have lived up to expectations, but Germany also did not encounter a strong team in the World Cup qualifying because of its good luck, so such results can be regarded as normal performance.

Having said that, in the ongoing UEFA Europa League, Germany was a big upset, ranking third in the fifth round and failing to qualify for the finals. Let's take a look at the analysis of the last three matches in Germany.

Competition team Score Attack Dangerous attack Shot on target Miss goal Possession

England: Germany 3:3 105:95 66:38 8:4 5:6 41%|59%

Germany: Hungary 0:1 201:65 63:32 5:3 6:3 72%|28%

Germany: Italy 5:2 112:83 48:44 9:6 5:6 65%|35%

2010 World Football Championship winner ▸Analysis of the Spanish national team

The Spanish national team is ranked 4th in the odds of winning the 2022 World Cup and 7th in FIFA. He has won the World Cup in South Africa and has 3 championship records in the European Nations Cup.

Spain took first place in Group B of the World Cup qualifiers in Europe and got tickets for the World Cup. Its team has won 6 wins, 1 and 1 loss in the 8 qualifying matches, with a total of 19 points. Below is a summary of how the Spanish national team will perform in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup.

Race date Home and away Opponent Score Result

2021/03/25 Home Greece 1:1 And

2021/03/28 Away Georgia 1:2 Win

2021/03/31 Home Kosovo 3:1 Win

2021/09/02 Away Sweden 2:1 Burden

2021/09/05 Home Georgia 4:0 Win

2021/09/08 Away Kosovo 0:2 Win

2021/11/11 Away Greece 0:1 Win

2021/11/14 Home Sweden 1:0 Win

At present, the UEFA Nations League, which is currently playing hot, defeated Portugal 1-0 in the recent Spanish-Portuguese war and advanced to the top 4 seats. Spain's performance in the last two World Cups have been unsatisfactory. In the 2018 World Cup, it only stopped in the top 16, but this time it entered the top 4 in the UEFA Europa League, which is nothing more than giving Spain a boost before the start of the Qatar World Cup.

World football champion ▸Spain national team analysis
World football champion ▸Spain national team analysis
The following are the last three matches of the Spanish national team.

Competition team Score Attack Dangerous attack Shot on target Miss goal Possession

Portugal: Spain 0:1 78:152 31:74 4:5 7:5 32%|68%

Spain: Switzerland 1:2 184:76 78:21 3:5 5:4 74%|26%

Spain: Czech Republic 2:0 63:23 20:16 4:2 2:3 76%|24%

Qatar World Cup Germany V.S Spain All-round Handicap Analysis

In Group E of the World Cup group stage, the battle between Germany and Spain, there will be many variables on the field for the powers with similar strength, but it also makes the lottery betting more interesting and fun, and it will be more enjoyable to watch the World Cup live broadcast.

At present, the overall performance of Spain's recent overall competition, the winning rate has reached 57.14%, in the UEFA Nations League Spain competitions are open between +1.0 and 0.8. The winning rate of its team in the away game also rose to 66.67%, and the away game market is between +0.7 and 0.8, so in the Qatar World Cup Spain's national team and Germany in the group E group stage The market may open. out between +0.9 and 0.7.

On the other hand, Germany has been mediocre in recent matches, with an overall win rate of only 28.57%. The odds opened in the Europa League are between +1.2 and 1.0, which is the worst result in German football history. It will indirectly affect the performance in the World Cup. Germany also changed its coach a few days ago. It is not known what changes will be made to the 2022 World Cup team. Its teams could be in the range of +1.0 to 1.2 in the World Cup, and the odds of a draw with Spain should be low.

After reading this article, do you know more about the World Cup national team?

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