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Group Stage Advancement Prediction! 2022 FIFA World Cup Advancement Analysis Lazy Pack!

2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying analysis
2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying analysis

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is about to kick off. Have you read many analysis articles on the World Cup group stage, but still don't have a clue? Today, based on the current World Cup teams, we will provide you with a simplified analysis of the teams most likely to advance to the round of 16 in the 2022 World Cup group.

After reading this introduction, you will not only have a better understanding of the general situation of the World Cup teams but also give a better idea of when you bet on the lottery!

World Cup Group A: Netherlands, Senegal

The most important thing to watch in Group A is the Netherlands. This time the team finally has good luck. In the World Cup qualifiers in Europe, the competing teams were not European powerhouses, and they successfully advanced to the top 32 of the World Cup with the first ranking. In the group stage, the opponents except Senegal can compete slightly, and the rest of Qatar and Ecuador should not be the opponents of the Netherlands, so there is no doubt that they will qualify for first place in the group.

The second highlight of Group A this time in Senegal, which is the champion of this African Cup. The team not only has African football player Mane and many elite players in Europe but its defensive strength should not be underestimated. In Group A, apart from the Netherlands, Qatar, Ecuador, and Senegal should all be able to deal with it easily.

World Cup Group B: England, USA

Group B consists of England, Wales, the United States, and Iran. In addition to the war between the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom, there are also feuding disputes between the United States and Iran. News topics continue to emerge.

Although England has performed poorly in the Europa League recently, it still retains its top football strength. As long as England can continue to maintain its strength, it is not surprising that it should be destined to advance to first place in Group B of the World Cup group stage. The other team is optimistic about the United States. Recently, the United States has produced several large-scale league stars, and its football strength has been rising. It also performed quite well in America's Cup. Although it is similar to Wales and Iran, it can still be expected. one of the teams.

World Cup Group B: England, USA
World Cup Group B: England, USA

World Cup Group C: Argentina, Mexico

This 2022 World Cup is Messi's last battle. Argentina has performed well so far. It should not be a big problem to advance to first place in Group C. Another important key should be Mexico.

Although opponent Poland is also one of the favorites to advance this time, except for Lewandowski, the other players in the team are relatively average in strength. The offensive strength and team strategy have already been thoroughly understood by other opponents. If you want to advance, you have to think of other ways; and Mexico often has unexpected performances on the field. For example, in the last World Cup, although it was not optimistic, it continued to move forward and became the only hope for North American football. It should be the second team in Group C to advance to the top 16 of the World Cup.

World Cup Group D: France, Denmark

Group C of the last World Cup group stage also had similar combinations, including France, Denmark, Peru, and Australia; this grouping is quite beneficial to France, not only have the experience of confrontation, but other teams are also some distance away from France. , but France has been injured recently, and the strong midfielders have almost retired due to injuries, adding a lot of uncertainty to the way to qualify for the World Cup.

As the dark horse of the Qatar World Cup, Denmark should be expected to become the second in the group. In the UEFA Nations League game, although there was no blessing from Christian Eriksson, there were still very bright results, especially in this 2022 World Cup Eriksen may return to the field, and Denmark can successfully qualify Just around the corner.

World Cup Group E: Spain, Germany

Group E can be called the group of death this year. There are two former World Cup champions competing for first place in the group stage. The rest of Japan and Costa Rica are shivering on the sidelines.

Although several players from Japan have recently entered Europe, although the defense is strong, the team still needs to work harder to cooperate with the team. There is still a big gap between the strengths of Spain and Germany; The recent situation is good, and there may be a chance to have a good performance in the World Football Championship, but facing the strong suppression of Spain and Germany, the chance of qualifying is still very small.

World Cup Group F: Croatia, Belgium

In the last World Cup, Croatia was the biggest dark horse in history. It fell below everyone's glasses and won the World Cup runner-up. Recently, it has also performed quite well in major European leagues, so it advanced to this group stage. Shouldn't be a big deal.

At present, although the golden generation of Belgium is aging, they will still play in this Qatar World Cup, and their teams are also maintained in the top three in the latest FIFA rankings, so everyone is still quite optimistic about Belgium in this group stage. Successfully advanced.

World Cup Group F: Croatia, Belgium
World Cup Group F: Croatia, Belgium

World Cup Group G: Brazil, Switzerland

Brazil recently became the No. 1 in the FIFA World Ranking, and it is currently the No. 1 favorite team to win the World Cup. It is an easy task to qualify for the group stage and the knockout round of the top 16, so the biggest point of this group is It is to compete for the second-place promotion qualification.

Among them, is the most promising team in Switzerland. Although Serbia also has quite good strength, Switzerland has many major leagues and experience in confrontation with European powerhouses. It shows strong toughness in football strength, and its defensive and offensive strength are comparable to top teams. There is still a considerable chance of competing for second place in the 2022 World Cup group stage.

World Cup Group H: Uruguay, Portugal

In this Qatar World Cup, Uruguay has veterans and rookies paired with each other. The offensive and defensive strengths are obvious to all. They have a good chance to win first place in the group and advance to the round of 16. In addition, Portugal, which has been talked about constantly, has been frequently injured in recent days, and Ronaldo's condition is also getting worse. Public opinion and rumors are flying all over the sky, which will affect the tacit understanding and strength between the teams to some extent.

Although the level of football between Ghana and South Korea is still far behind Uruguay and Portugal, according to Ronaldo’s condition and the problem of injured soldiers, the chances of qualifying are also very worrying. Perhaps South Korea, led by Son Heung-min this time, will be the next best player. Teams with a chance to advance.

The above is the lazy bag analysis of the top 32 group matches of the World Cup, allowing you to have a more thorough understanding of the current team status. When watching the live broadcast of the World Cup, Daoshi can better understand the situation on the field, and if you want to play World Football Lottery, you will not be at a loss as to which team to play.

Just keep following us and we will bring you first-hand 2022 World Football Prediction Analysis information.

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