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2022 World Cup Group D Group Analysis Analysis-Can France Break the Curse?

2022 World Cup Group D Match Analysis
2022 World Cup Group D Match Analysis

At present, the countdown to the World Football Championship is in full swing. A few days ago, the FIFA World Cup also announced the five most popular World Cup group matches. One of the events is the World Football European Zone Denmark vs. World Football Australia, and this time, can France breakthrough? The curse of the World Cup is also a topic of considerable concern to fans, and Tunisia, which has bad luck in signing, may have to cheer on the group stage. Today we will analyze the strength of the teams in Group D of the World Cup group stage.

Australia won by tricks, will there be new tricks on the group stage?

In Australia's World Cup cross-continental play-off match with Peru, the backup goalkeeper Redmayne made a big dance move up and down at the last crucial decisive point, but unexpectedly successfully blocked Peru's goal. The Australian national team was kept in the dark about this strange move. Only the team coach, goalkeeper coach, and Redmayne knew about it. However, under this surprise plan, Australia successfully won the World Cup final ticket.

Australia's best result in the past World Cup history was only 14th in 1974. After 1974, Australia missed the World Cup for a long time, and it did not enter the World Cup finals again until 2006. From 2006 to this 2022 World Cup Cup football has never been absent, but this time in the World Cup group stage will meet the last World Cup champion France, and the dark horses of world football Denmark and Tunisia, if you want to qualify as a coach, you have to think about anything else special Tricks Hello!

Africa's top five soccer teams are unlucky to meet the dark horses of the World Cup

Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, Tunisia has evolved throughout its history. It has a relatively high level of economic development in the African region of the World Cup, and its football culture has developed earlier than other African countries. Its football strength is also considered one of the best power countries in Africa. In the 1978 World Cup, he was the first to win the only representative for the African region, and he won the African Cup of Nations in the 2004 African Cup Nations.

Although Tunisia has significant strength in Africa, it will take extra effort to qualify for the World Cup. Tunisia has only stopped in the group stage in the history of the World Cup, and in this Group D group stage, Tunisia is in The first game will be against Denmark, the European rival of this World Cup. If you want to advance smoothly, you will have to work harder.

Known as the dark horse of the 2022 World Cup Denmark

In this World Cup qualifying match, World Football Denmark can be said to have eaten gunpowder, winning eight consecutive victories, even the World Cup FIFA praised it and was hailed as the dark horse of this World Cup. In the face of a very strong country, it is not difficult for Denmark to win eight victories with its current strong and stable strength, becoming the second country to win tickets to the World Cup final after Qatar, the host country of the World Cup.

In the World Cup Group D group schedule, Denmark's second match will be against France, the 2018 World Cup champion. It is unknown whether Denmark will take advantage of the momentum of the World Cup curse and win against France. It will be difficult for Denmark to make it to the last 16 of the World Cup.

The World Cup spell is so stressful!
The World Cup spell is so stressful!

The pressure of the World Cup curse is huge! France is optimistic about

At present, there have been several World Cup football games in a row, and strong teams cannot resist the super curse of the World Cup. For example, the Italian national team's championship curse continues to entangle until this 2022 World Cup, which has been two consecutive times. Missed the promotion, but the biggest problem is that the strength of Italy is no longer the glorious era in the past, but this time the French national team, whose average age is only 25 years old, obviously does not have such problems.

At present, various football powers are facing the problem of lack of talent and lack of connection, but France is still very young in talent and has a stable strength. The addition of African-American players also allows the team to develop more diverse strengths. The rigorous elite of the French national team's English training and team discipline has allowed the young French players to have a very close connection, and will not fall into the dark ebb after winning the championship in 1998 again. In the Group D World Cup group stage, they will encounter Denmark, which is most likely to let France go home. It is bound to pay more attention to Denmark's fast offense and the accuracy of field analysis.

France's lineup in this World Cup has not changed much. Most of the players have the experience of the previous championship, and the age and strength of the players have come to the best period. Therefore, in this World Cup, France is also one of the favorite teams to win the championship. If France can break through the curse this time, it may not be difficult to successfully defend the 2022 World Football Championship.

Looking at this group D group match, the most exciting thing is whether France can break through the curse and whether Australia will have any more interesting plans. This match between Australia and Denmark is also the 2022 World Cup. One of the top five best-selling tournaments in the World Cup, what kind of amazing changes may this World Cup Group D match bring to the history of the World Cup?

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